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Who does things like this?

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Who does things like this?

Post by russiandoll on 19.02.14 16:18

Bystanders who filmed the emergency services battling to save a woman’s life have been asked by police not to post the footage on the internet.
Hollie Gazzard, a 20-year-old hairdresser, died of stab wounds following a "vicious" attack at the beauty salon where she worked, despite the desperate efforts of the police and paramedics.
Emergency services rushed to the scene at Fringe Benefits and La Bella Beauty in Gloucester city centre at around 5.50pm on Tuesday evening after receiving reports that Miss Gazzard was being attacked by a man.
It has emerged that during the attack, and as first-aiders fought to save the hair stylist, witnesses were filming on their mobile phones.
Gloucestershire Police have appealed for anyone with footage of the "horrendous" incident to hand it in to officers and not share it on social networking sites.

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Chief Inspector Neil Smith, of Gloucestershire Police, said officers were monitoring social media websites for the footage, which does not yet appear to have been posted online.
"I am told there were member of the public who were videoing on their phones during the incident, especially when the officers were trying to save this lady's life," Mr Smith said.

 my opinion :
 It might be time to make this disgusting activity a crime.  What was the point?

To be handed to police as evidence or for ghoulish watching and sharing with so called social network " friends" ?

 I suspect in most cases it is the latter, sadly. Why, though, God alone knows. That the police had to make this appeal shows the depths some humans can sink to.
 RIP young lady and I hope her poor family never hear about any facebook or other postings.


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contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and
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Re: Who does things like this?

Post by tigger on 19.02.14 16:57

Was it Herbert Read who said people were suffering from spectatorism? I believe that was as far back as the '50s.

Here is a clip of a husband taking snaps as his wife is attacked by two cheetas.

One might assume that she mentions it from time to time.

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Re: Who does things like this?

Post by stumo on 19.02.14 17:58

It's exactly the situation where there's a car crash and people slow down to rubberneck as they go past, it seems worse on motorways where i had someone in front of me stop to have a good look.

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