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Is there a "mole" within the SY enquiry?

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Is there a "mole" within the SY enquiry?

Post by justathought on 18.02.14 18:55

Recollect when the SY investigation first started there was almost a news blackout on the case for a long time. And SY said virtually nothing aside from some brief statements to "justify" the cost and the length of time there enquiries were taking. Possibly a ploy to forewarn the public that they would be on the case for many years and that huge resources would continue to be used?
But times have changed and the press are having a feeding frenzy. Part of the reason maybe being the forthcoming libel trial result, but feel there is a much deeper reasons. SY seem to have dug themselves into a very big hole, so I doubt they are behind leaking stories to the press? I say this as I think SY have known from the start that they wouldn't solve the case and/or that if they did, it would not come out into the public domain. So maybe there tactic was to go through the motions and close the case with the least amount of media attention. Of course they would have come upon criticism. But no where near as much as that which will surround the case if they do so in the forthcoming months.
Could the be some sort of "deep throat" within the SY team? I am certain that a number of them, possibly a significant number of them do not "buy into" the abduction theory. But they keep their silence or feel they need to "toe the line". Would someone put out stories which are clearly misinformation and risk there career's at the same time. Very much doubt it.
My money is on other parties being at work. TMCcann being one. But CM is a crafty old fox and would be aware that too many preposterous stories would damage his clients standing. Think some journalists have also been "sniffing around" in PdL. The DMirror reporter was allegedly sending his story from PdL. Brunt similarly. Maybe a local reporter at work selling on stories? Maybe a source within the PJ leaking them?
So don't think the SY are behind all the rubbish that has been published recently. Could even be that they are learning the hard way. That they are just a pawn in the huge "industry" that is the Madeline case. With many parties having vested reasons for the case not being solved, including those that portray they do.


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