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Rebecca Thompson

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Rebecca Thompson

Post by mysterion on 23.01.14 17:52

Can`t do links on my tablet. Another tragic case of parent kills daughter. On BBC Online.


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Re: Rebecca Thompson

Post by ultimaThule on 23.01.14 21:25

What an absolutely gorgeous girl you were, Rebecca.  A daughter any truly loving and caring parent would be proud to cherish and nurture through to adulthood and beyond.  

How could your father do it? Another male with rampant ego syndrome who couldn't accept that his wife wanted out of their marriage.  20 years for murdering his daughter?  Out in less than 10.

He doesn't expect sympathy?  Just as well as he and his ilk won't get any from me.  I hope whatever injuries he sustained when he drove his car at 90-100 mph into a roundabout, with no thought for other road users, cause him severe pain every minute of every day this oxygen thief remains on this planet. 

But I suspect that, yet again, it's a case of relying on the prison population to make sure this arrogant and evil minded being knows no peace while he serves his derisory sentence.

RIP darling girl and my sincere condolences to your poor dear mother who must somehow come to terms with the knowledge that, having taken the joy out of her life by making sure you could no longer fulfil your bright promise and become all you were meant to be, your murdering father lives.

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