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How does it make you feel?

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How does it make you feel?

Post by HelenMeg on 17.01.14 15:13

Just sitting here after a hard morning on a 'speed awareness course' which incidentally was really informative ....

Why am I so bothered about this case?  Why is it so important and how does it make me feel? Just wondering if any of you feel as I do... splat 

Angry - really really angry !!! at the Mc Canna 

All the time and money on this case which could have been better spent elsewhere. As a human race we have more valuable things to do.. surely.
This couple of imo 'cheats' have wasted millions and millions of tax payers money, peoples kindness, concern, help. Why on earth or we letting them get away with it?
Why is the government appearing to back them ?
Why have I spent such a long time sitting at a computer thinking about it???

Why cant I just say - that's enough.. they've wasted enough of my time - and get on with my other work?

I have this deep urge to follow the case until Justice is done and the whole world gets to see these imo cheats for who they are. Its a really deep urge that says
there are children starving in Africa and other crisis's around the world yet this couple of idiots is taking up all of our time and thoughts and energy.

Innocent until proven guilty - yes I understand that. But I know enough and have read enough to be sure that this girl was not abducted. I have read the books by the Portuguese
Investigation officers to see their conclusions, cryptic or otherwise. 
The UK police need to thoroughly investigate the parents.

I want to see that justice is done so that my faith in the world and justice is restored.  At the moment I dont have faith in some of the people here in the UK.

Rant over. tease


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Re: How does it make you feel?

Post by worriedmum on 17.01.14 16:17


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Re: How does it make you feel?

Post by Smokeandmirrors on 17.01.14 16:53

I feel pretty much the same. Some days I wonder why I spend so much time thinking about it all, following it. Same as you, JUSTICE. It seems unjust as you say, that the Government can spend MILLIONS on this pair of shysters, when others have to do battle for what should be standard stuff - correct medical treatment and treatment of the elderly, a home adapted for a disabled person, whatever, some people have to fight tooth and nail to get their BASIC needs met, yet this pair of upstarts are like termites, munching their way through far far more than their fair share of the public pot.

This case, however, sand some of the excellent research by others that I have read, shows many other, deeply worrying flaws in overall governance of our society. For me, this case as also become a vehicle for accessing other information I would otherwise be unaware of. I am grateful to have access to some of the highly intelligent and educational input from others which I have come across purely as a result of following this case.

In a way, the McCanns have done us a favour by being so peculiar and infuriating - it has opened a path to a greater understanding of the wrong-ness of things. They are the perfect example of what is mentally wrong with a great deal of the world, so they are a real life case study unfolding each day.

The truth will out.

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Re: How does it make you feel?

Post by ultimaThule on 17.01.14 17:00

I would add to your response that, IMO, the McCanns are the perfect example of what is morally wrong in our society, Smokeandmirrors.

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Re: How does it make you feel?

Post by HelenMeg on 17.01.14 17:14

Thanks SmokeandMirrors -because you have just reminded me that despite feeling angry and frustrated sometimes there are some very
positive benefits to being involved in forums related to this case. Being able to form a community and delve into things that we suspect aren't quite right.
Having access to some intelligent minds and interesting theories.
Being able to vent anger with people that share a similar understanding.

Yes and it is a phenomenon of our times that  through the internet we are not so easily brainwashed by media.
Imagine if we hadn't been able to discuss this via these forums? We would have read CM's spin and nothing else!!

Thanks! Feel better actually


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