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Non Functioning?

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Re: Non Functioning?

Post by Doug D on 16.01.14 18:08

I doubt that we will ever get to the bottom of how the pillowcase was collected, but surely even our own ‘drunken, sardine munching etc etc’ police would follow some sort of basic protocol for collecting, bagging and labeling such an item, wouldn’t they?

A correct pillowcase is probably a good control sample, especially for the dribblers amongst us, as well as the odd hair & skin cells, but would need to be lifted carefully and bagged immediately to preserve all of this evidence, which is why I can’t envisage GM being allowed to go in and collect it himself, but hey-ho.

Similarly it makes absolutely no sense that the PJ were unable to find a suitable control sample in the apartment.

Doug D

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Re: Non Functioning?

Post by Guest on 16.01.14 19:35

@ultimaThule wrote:[...]
With regard to the pillowcase, I read somewhere that a police officer waited outside while Gerry went into the Towers to retrieve items containing Madeleine's DNA.   If true, what controls were put in place to ensure that what was determined from these items was, in fact, the child's DNA profile? [...]
I'll have to search, but my recollection is, that the police officer went in and Gerry waited outside ...

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