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Post by PIForHire on 07.01.14 20:33

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Post by SixMillionQuid on 07.01.14 20:54

Been reported on another thread.

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Post by Lance De Boils on 07.01.14 20:59


[At Fox News]
Lance De Boils
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Post by roy rovers on 07.01.14 21:10

Lis's first comment to Gretchen - "It doesn't make any sense Gretchen at all". Absolutely Lis - so why are you there?
roy rovers
roy rovers

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Post by suzyjohnson on 07.01.14 21:22

'It reminds me so much of Amanda Knox' one of them says.

Yes of course, cannot possibly be the fault of one of the Americans or the British, must be the Portuguese, or the Italians, who are to blame. (Of course I don't mean Meredith or the Kercher family), I just really object to the racist assumptions in both these cases.



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Post by The Rooster on 08.01.14 9:06

Fox News -Oxymoron

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