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Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register - because it could breach THEIR human rights

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Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register - because it could breach THEIR human rights

Post by Jill Havern on 22.04.10 8:31

Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling said it 'beggared belief' that ministers had got themselves into this position.
Currently anyone sentenced to 30 months or more in prison for a sex offence is automatically put on the register indefinitely.
Their name, address and date of birth are recorded, with details of any pseudonyms they use and their National Insurance number. Each individual is required to notify the police, in person, of any changes, and also if they intend to leave the country.
There are around 48,000 sex offenders on the register, and around half of those are believed to have lifetime notification requirements, meaning the new rules could affect up to 24,000 criminals.
The case was first brought before the High Court in 2008 by a child rapist who argued his name should be taken off the register because it prevented him from going on family holidays.
The 18-year-old from Wigan, identified only as 'F', was just 11 when he was convicted of raping a child under 13 and other sexual offences.
He was sentenced to 30 months in youth custody at Liverpool Crown Court and placed on the Sex Offenders' Register for life. But he complained when he was unable to go on a family holiday in 2007 because of the foreign travel restrictions.

The court also looked at the case of a second sex offender, Angus Aubrey Thompson, 52, from Newcastle upon Tyne, who was jailed for five years in 1996 for indecent assaults on a girl.

The pair won their case at the Court of Appeal last year but the Home Office appealed, resulting in yesterday's ruling, when the five Supreme Court justices decided unanimously that denying offenders any way of proving that they are no longer dangerous was an unjustified interference with their right to privacy.
The Home Office has now exhausted its legal rights and the new Government will be faced with the task of drawing up rules for a review mechanism for the thousands of potential applicants.
Each sex offender placed on the register for life will then be able to come forward and apply to have their details removed. A Home Office spokesman said that registered offenders still had to comply with their requirements.

Neil Atkinson, of the National Victims' Association, said the decision was 'absolutely terrible'.
'As usual, it would appear that the victims of violent sexual offences have been overlooked,' he said.
Phillip Noyes, of the NSPCC, said: 'The NSPCC believes that some offenders have committed such unspeakable crimes against children that it is right to put them on the Sex Offenders' Register indefinitely.'
A Labour spokesman said: 'Although we are disappointed at the judgment, we are very pleased that the court has recognised the importance of the sex offenders' register and that people can remain on it. 'The public should be reassured that the register is still secure and that individuals will not be automatically removed from it.
'We will get on with implementing the judgment and build in a review mechanism to regularly assess whether those on the register are still a risk to the public.'

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Jill Havern

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Re: Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register - because it could breach THEIR human rights

Post by sharonl on 13.08.10 8:10


(, Youtube and Vimeo have all taken the Robert Green video down after receiving a threatening letter from Callum Anderson of Levy and McCrae, the law firm who refuse to say whether they act for Ms Angiolini the person, or Ms Angiolini, the Lord Advocate, and who also refuse to say whether or not they are being paid out of the public purse. It also seems this is not the only case where Ms Angiolini has dragged her feet! by Robert Green

In the October 2009 print edition of the UK Column, we reported in our article “BBC Hides Truth of Girl’s Sexual Abuse Ordeal” the shocking ordeal of Downs Syndrome girl, Hollie Greig, who was horribly abused by an Aberdeen paedophile ring, over a period of ten years. After investigating and planning a documentary, the BBC abruptly dropped the case, despite admitting that Hollie was a reliable and accurate witness. It is important to stress that both the police and qualified medical experts have described Hollie as a competent and entirely honest witness.

From the age of just six, Hollie was repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie. Later, Mackie began sharing his daughter with a gang of paedophile “swingers” that has been operating in Aberdeen for many years. The identities of a further seven child victims are already known. There is no question that the gang are well-connected, efficiently organised and totally ruthless. Our frightening story is that they are protected by individuals of "high standing" within the Scottish establishment.

In 2000, after 14 years of terrified silence, Hollie eventually told her mother, Anne, about the abuses. Formal statements were made to Grampian Police, providing all the horrifying details and the names of the abusers. They included a senior Scottish Sheriff, a policeman, social workers, a nurse, a solicitor, an accountant, a fire officer, married couples and others. Some of the rapes were carried out at the homes of these individuals, including that of the Sheriff’s sister. Other children were sometimes involved, including children of the paedophiles themselves.

The latest chapters in this astonishing and horrifying story about Hollie, and the seven other abused children, have taken place over the past few weeks. The key issues are a continued refusal by Grampian police to fully investigate the overwhelming evidence for the paedophile rapes, and a wall of silence by the Scottish establishment.

Whilst there has been some general Scottish media coverage, notably in The Firm and the Aberdeen Press and Journal, the media has been largely silent on what must be one of Scotlands worst top level paedophile scandles. A key figure in the press silence is the Lord Advocate, in her former role as Procurator Fiscal in Aberdeen, when in 2000 she is alleged to have effectively buried the case. Was this to prevent her associate and most influential member of the paedophile ring, Sheriff X, from being investigated, along with the other named members of the fifteen-strong rape gang?

Elish Angiolini, the Scottish Lord Advocate, is in charge of all criminal prosecutions. She is alleged to have reacted immediately to public calls for a full police investigation, by pressurising against publication. Subsequently, and under considerable duress, The Firm published an apology. Shortly afterwards the Press and Journal ran a story accurately describing the case, mentioning a sheriff and police officer without identifying them. Angiolini was not discussed in the article.

Mrs Angiolini`s role in the case recently aroused further suspicion, when it was claimed that she had used a private law firm, Levy and McRae, to issue warnings against all major Scottish editors, threatening them with legal action if any mention was made of her involvement in the case. Suspicious and angry, many individuals directly working to obtain justice for Hollie, as well as a growing number of the general public, now consider that key establishment figures, many with direct responsibility for criminal investigations and justice, have made a concerted and continuous effort to conceal the facts from the people of Scotland. Despite the pressure, investigators and campaigners for Hollie continue to stress that they hold documentary proof of the Lord Advocate’s actions, as well as proof that she has repeatedly failed to tell the whole truth about her connections with the Hollie abuse case for whatever reason.

The senior partner in the Law Firm, Peter Watson, who is also head of litigation, is understood to have refused to comment as to whether the firm's fees have been billed to Mrs Angiolini personally, or if they are being paid by the Scottish taxpayer.

Mrs Angiolini's office decided in December 2009 that they would not pursue the case due to “insufficient evidence.” Corroborating evidence by private investigators and researchers indicates that other than Hollie, not one of the twenty-four named abusers and victims has even been questioned by Grampian Police.

This follows the pattern of 2000, when the crimes and perpetrators were first reported. At that time, the police later admitted that only one of the gang, Hollie`s father, had even been interviewed.

The UK Column is aware that investigators have just received from the Crown Office, after years of rebuttals, the Post Mortem report of Robert David Greig, brother of Hollie`s mother Anne. Robert died mysteriously in an alleged car fire in 1997. Despite extreme inconsistencies in witness statements and circumstances, no inquest took place and the cause of death was officially due to smoke inhalation.

The Post Mortem stated that Robert has suffered considerable damage to his skull, two broken ribs and a broken sternum. Informal professional medical opinion so far is of the view that Robert had been severely beaten, had alcohol forced down his throat and then thrown into the burning vehicle.

Although this was not known at the time, Hollie, in 2001, told her mother that just prior to his unexplained death, Robert had caught Hollie`s father sexually abusing her.

The campaign for justice for Hollie, and other vulnerable victims of paedophiles in England and South Wales, not only goes on, but has intensified as outraged members of the public have flooded Aberdeen with leaflets naming all current members of the gang, including the head of a special school. All Aberdeen Councillors and MPs have also been alerted, but with little effect. There appears to be a conspiracy of establishment silence where the abuse of Hollie is concerned. Many people in Aberdeen are asking just who possesses the courage and decency to stand up against these staggering and shocking crimes against most vulnerable members of society? Certainly not their elected national and local representatives.

UK Column volunteers continue to be shocked by the quantity and quality of evidence reaching them on the subject of paedophile and sexual abuse against young and vulnerable children in care and otherwise. The common theme is that victims and their supporters are unable to get any real support from Members of Parliament, Local Councillors, the Judiciary, Police and other ‘officials’. Many describe the creation of a wall of silence, often accompanied by targetted intimidation against the victims.

Recently a policeman personally told the UK Column that police had themselves experienced their own paedopile investigations suddenly being dropped by senior police officers. He added “If you want to really get to the paedophiles you should look at Westminster”. The implications of this statement are frightening - a paedophile ring amongst our political leaders - the political elite which has control of education and Social Services? The general public needs to open its eyes and confront this evil - and fast.

"WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER" - Rebekah Brooks to David Cameron

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Re: Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register - because it could breach THEIR human rights

Post by kangdang on 13.08.10 11:27

Christ this is bloody bad. These people will be well aware that therapeutic treatment for paedophiles is costly and therefore scarce. They will also be aware that even with treatment recidivism rates are less than favourable.

And where does this leave Sarah’s Law, this process involves the checking of the sex offender register!

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Re: Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register - because it could breach THEIR human rights

Post by Judge Mental on 13.08.10 12:28

''A study of sex offenders revealed that some go more than a decade after being released from jail before reoffending.''

If an alcoholic does not take a drink for ten or twenty years, does this mean they have stopped being an alcoholic?
Judge Mental

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Re: Paedophiles and rapists win right to wipe their names from register - because it could breach THEIR human rights

Post by Guest on 14.08.10 17:01

The only way to deal with paedophiles imo is to lock them away securely for ever. paedophiles by and large cannot be rehabilitated, they are continually being given light sentences for abusing children and then let out to abuse more children. The priority is protecting the paedophiles and not protecting the children which is a disgrace but no surprise in view of the moves to try and get paedophilia legalised, trying to make satanic/black magic the norm in the eyes of children, trying to get the age of consent lowered, sexualising young children etc. etc.

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