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Andy Redwood Urinating in the wind ?

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Andy Redwood Urinating in the wind ?

Post by chillyheat on 13.12.13 21:36

How important is this Policeman ?
Imagine him knocking your door.....Im Detective Chief Inspector, before he even got to his name I would be on the floor fainted...Its a very important figure. It sounds like a name you dont want to meet if your guilty.....
So how come this rank was frowned over in 1994 ? How serious is this rank to be taken for ?

A chief inspector's starting salary is £51,789, or £53,853 if serving in London. After three years, it increases to £53,919, or £55,980 if serving in London. Officers who have been at this point for a year have access to the competence related threshold payment of £1,095 per year.

When DCI Redwwod ploughs through paperwork and sees the sums being paid to the likes of Clarence Mitchell and co, is he likely to look for true Justice....

Chief inspector was one of the ranks proposed for abolition in the 1994 Sheehy Report, but in the end it was retained

(This was a ChillyHeat production based on a drunken (tipsy)  titter  search  big grin ...Viewers are reminded that any insinuation to Freemasonry is not the intention  titter  )


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Re: Andy Redwood Urinating in the wind ?

Post by IKNOWWHATHAPPENED on 14.12.13 10:57

REDWOOD is a DCI which is a very serious rank. 

That being said he is subject to pressures both from within the force, media and politicians. I don't envy REDWOOD one bit. He obviously knows that Madeleine is dead and that noone will ever face trial for her 'demise'.

The McCANN case has shown itself time and time again to be a poisoned chalice.


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