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Fancy meeting you here!

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Fancy meeting you here!

Post by chillyheat on 10.12.13 19:32

Walking up a mountain path on a remote Greek island, I bumped into a Greek guy I knew from my local pub - we both happened to be visiting the same place. “Well, fancy meeting you here!”, we said. No doubt many have had the same experience, but Praia da Luz was full of such strange coincidences. Take Jane Tanner and Russell O’Brien; they bumped into Charlotte and James Gorrod; their neighbours and acquaintances from ExeterCharlotte does not have appear to have mentioned that sheowned an apartment in the resort and that they would be going on holiday there. I wonder if they saidFMYH!?

Nicole Cox and Emma Berry; partners, respectively, of Raj Balu and Neil Berry had never met before the holiday, but discovered they had both worked for the same company.
Well, fancy that!

Then there was Philip Norman Allen, an officer from Thames Valley Police - on secondment to theCriminal Investigation Support Dept.- whose family happened to be staying with the Eveleighs at theirSalsalito guest house, shortly after Madeleine’s disappearance. Salsalito would later be searched by thePJ. Would you credit it? Philip had some interesting conversations with Robert Murat. He later explained to the PJ that his superiors knew he was staying in PDL. He had met Robert Muratpreviously, to discuss the purchase of an apartment. However, the holiday apartment he had bought three years ago at the Vila Baia wasn’t yet ready for him to stay in. This property was part of theOceanico Group’s portfolio, which just happened to be the same group who owned the Estrela da Luz, where strangely enough, the Smith family had an apartment.

The Smiths came from Drogheda, County Louth, where Gerry Fagan, owner of the Ocean Club also came from. I wonder if they ever bumped into each other and said “Don’t I know you from somewhere?Drogheda - “Well, how’s that for a coincidence!

I wonder how many other FMYH moments were there in April/May 2007 in PDL...

Anymore coincidences ????


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Re: Fancy meeting you here!

Post by Guest on 10.12.13 19:39

You may want to look at this thread, plus there are others on the forum if you type in' coincidence'...........

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Re: Fancy meeting you here!

Post by Guest on 10.12.13 22:01

candyfloss wrote:You may want to look at this thread, plus there are others on the forum if you type in' coincidence'...........

I was struck by Gustavo Poyet's comments after Sunderland's latest defeat on Saturday gone.

Sunderland have contributed to their own downfall with five own goals in Poyet's nine matches in charge.
Defenders Phil Bardsley and John O'Shea were the latest to score past their own goalkeeper, in defeats by Chelsea and Tottenham respectively.

"Luck is once or twice, but five own goals in nine games? No, I'm not taking that, I'm sorry," added Poyet, who played 26 times for Uruguay.

"At the moment, I see too many players of the opposition playing against us probably their best games of the season.
"Do you think that's a coincidence as well? You have to be very naive to think that."

If five own goals is too much to be a coincidence, god alone knows what the chances of Charlotte Pennington accidentally arriving in PdL on the same day as the McCanns are.

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