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Post by ekatae on 09.12.13 1:04

I am curious if anyone has any more information on these two holidaymaker's: Berry/Balu.... (as I have seen them be referred to previously). Having read their statements, I am a bit confused as to why they differ in some respects... Berry says Balu was carrying a cot when he came to his apartment... Balu says Berry was having trouble fixing a cot when he got there. Also, one claims they bumped into a girlfriend of a Mark Warner employee who helped fix the cot.... the other says he went to look for a Mark Warner employee.... (if you read the two statements you will see the discrepancies). In the PJ Files there is one Pool bar worker who says she is the girlfriend of a maintenance engineer who was called out to 'Fix a Lock'.. There is also one Maintenance Worker who was called out re: 'someone having trouble with a lock'. (Could these be the same couple who Berry/Balu refer to re: fixing of a cot??)  Also, they seem to have links to Robert Murat (at least one of them Balu) - did he travel on a plane with him?? .. Where was their balcony in relation to Mcanns/Murat.... ? (this is what I would like to know).They both seem to be connected in some respects to : Jensen Sisters, Carpenter's, laundry man....... Berry was interviewed and photographed with a scratch on his face... (and looking very 'sad' in a news report where he replied "nada nada".... . Sorry if this all seems confusing - but it is to me too... just wondering if anyone has any information about them to add..... I know Neil Berry was supposed to have been spotted in a stairwell by the laundry man (on 2nd)... although PJ question him re this pertaining to the 3rd.... Apparently their wives work in same company (something to do with the Sciences)  - this was a coincidence to them... They also searched with Murat on 4th.... Also read somewhere that one of the photofit's (not laundry man) fits Berry's description..... They also went to tapas at 8.30 and got a takeaway (even though Balu had a table booked for 9pm). I also believe they ordered food and 4 bottles of red wine and went to sit on a balcony and overheard conversations that we do not know about as their previous statements were withheld.... Just wonder if anyone has any more information on them....



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Post by Guest on 09.12.13 11:43

I'm a bit confused about the relationship between Berry and Balu. Were they a couple? I've read elsewhere that they had drinks with the mysterious Jensen sisters. I appreciate that PdL out of season looks like a lonely place but everybody there seemed to be on first name terms with everybody else. Odd.

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Other Holiday Makers

Post by Guest on 09.12.13 11:50

Their statements refer to their respective wives and children so no they weren't a couple!

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