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A really terrible start for 'The People's Voice' as they launch a 35-minute video of Sonia Poulton interviewing nutcase Stephen Birch about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

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The People's Voice interviewing Stephen Birch for 35 minutes was...

1. A good idea
2. A bad idea
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Re: A really terrible start for 'The People's Voice' as they launch a 35-minute video of Sonia Poulton interviewing nutcase Stephen Birch about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Post by xertial on 06.12.13 1:23

Admittedly, I've had the advantage of reading 12 pages of forum chat / opinions - which have also included some measure of well reasoned arguments, both pro & con.  On both the new platform being offered, and also on the subject of Stephen Birch, himself.  This additional insight from various parties actually served to strengthen and reaffirm my vote that it is a very good idea that 'the nutcase be interviewed'.

Having followed this incident from very early on (yes..... way back to the initial mirror forum and its closure that was supposed to shut us up).  You see.... we were also labeled 'nutcases' (and much worse) for not following the established doctrine that we should be emanating sympathy.... not questioning the words or behavior of the 'presumed innocent' participants of the drama. 

I do believe that it is always better to at least have the opportunity to form my own opinion as to what level of credibility I should assign to whom.   Generally, I can pretty much decide all by myself just who is a 'nutcase' and who is not. 

Disappointment that people that I might choose to be interviewed aren't chosen??  Well.... that is all that it is.  Disappointment.   Of course we all like to hear our own theories spouted back to us for affirmation.  I can't remember the last time I picked up a book, or watched a show, where the subject matter didn't at least appeal to me.   Funny thing is, my critique is largely based upon how much of the content I find myself agreeing with.  The very complaint that mainstream media is trying to repeatedly shove predetermined facts, preconceived notions, and / or biased agendas down my throat is exactly what I see being attempted via some of the postings on this thread. 

The irony is tremendous.

Well done Cristobell.  Apologize to no one for expressing your views using whatever platform you deem appropriate..... as for mentioning your book?   Again..... well done.


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Re: A really terrible start for 'The People's Voice' as they launch a 35-minute video of Sonia Poulton interviewing nutcase Stephen Birch about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Post by jd on 06.12.13 1:51

@jd wrote:[Agree with most of that jd and its why I`m pleased he appeared on TPV - he and Sonia raised many of the dodgy aspects of the case that needed to be aired, the aspects that the MSM won`t touch.  Not everyone comes across his Youtube videos or follows his facebook page. 

In his text to Tony he supposedly boasted of being a genius - yes a grandiose statement like that could indicate a personality disorder but doesn`t negate intelligence.  Whether he`s a nutter or not, he did lay out important points.
I agree totally Woofer, he did. I do question whether it was the real Birch on this forum and the emails to Tony. There are many at play purporting to be him. But regardless, what is most important is he did lay down the important points (when we knew it was him 100%) and this is what matters most for Madeleine. He could have just said these important points to sell himself, and I know more than anyone with disinfo agents that this is what they do

I am fully aware in order to get to the truth takes many directions, this case is very complicated with disinfo, trolls, genuine people and its difficult to be certain about any single person. There will be times when you come across someone like Birch, who has got to a certain level, whether it be a money scam or a liar or a truthseeker, he has got to this level nobody can deny and I think at this point the driveway needs to be dug up. Whatever the result will answer all questions, and most important questions regarding Madeleine. The quicker the driveway is dug up, the quicker he is exposed, can't make anymore money and we can all move on learning what these people do...or maybe there is something there

This is not a personality contest, and I personally will take someone like Birch on the chin & take a chance in getting to the truth. It probably will turn out what we think, but I am willing to take the chance for Madeleine. We don't know and it is most important to turn every stone whether it is against our better judgement or not...something Madeleine's parents have proved they will never do for their daughter

The fact that Madeleine's parents totally ignore Birch is curious (like they have always done about the Smith sighting until SY got involved) especially in light how they used legal threats to stop their PI from speaking. Their actions only prove they know what really happened to their daughter and the UK government with their actions have proved they are using their full power to protect them. To break this, you have to take a chance or 2 whatever the outcome

The quicker we prove a scam or if he has come up with something, the better this is for Madeleine whatever the outcome

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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