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Post by pulch on 29.11.13 10:03

When the police got there, was the window open or not? 
Was it photographed open?
Can the shutters only be opened from the inside or out?
Sorry to ask. Its all confusing me.


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Post by PeterMac on 29.11.13 10:13

Have a look at the chapter in the e-book.

There is a lot of detail there, and a link to someone pushing them open from outside.



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Re: shutters

Post by pulch on 29.11.13 10:23

Thank you. The whole thing is annoying me. The police would not be spending all this time or money looking for 1 missing child. If was abducted, after 6 years she isn't statically going to be found. I'd be more interested in who murdered Jill dando and other cold case mysteries. I don't mean to seem harsh but its one child. God forbid it never happens to me but looking at the bigger national picture, it is only 1 child. I truly believe they are building a case. That takes time and money. They need hard solid beyond resonsble doubt evidence. They don't want the public to turn against the police. They have to be secretive. Why bother to go to all expense for a cover up, when they could just make it go away. This will the shocking story of 2014. There will be films and books. IMO of course.


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