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Could the reconstitutions have shaken up the Tapas lot?

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Could the reconstitutions have shaken up the Tapas lot?

Post by Tangled Web on 27.11.13 21:51

Our Crimewatch 'reconstruction' IMO made Matt Oldfield look guilty when he offered to do his 'check' (as in there was quite a bit of emphasis on him telling Kate to sit down and that he'd go instead -we all know how unlikely this scenario is). Then, the Portugese reconstitution focused quite a lot on David Payne, making him look like a really guilty party.

Now, on the BBC News website we have a different timeline that completely omits all of the 'Piccadilly Circus' style checks. We have -

20.30 - Kate & Gerry leave apartment for the Tapas

21.05 - Gerry checks on his children

22.00 - A man is seen carrying a child in pyjamas toward the beach

22.00 - Kate raises the alarm that Madeleine is missing

Do you think that by getting rid of the JT 'sighting' and putting emphasis on MO and DP figuring in MM disappearance has made these three speak out to defend themselves? 

Just a thought.

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