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McStay family

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McStay family

Post by mira2 on 27.11.13 2:46

The case of Madeleine McCann is very different from the McStay case in many senses but there are alarming similarities
that are unfolding as we speak.
If you take the time to follow the case you will understand why. In anycase it is an unsolved case at this time
even though the bodies have been discovered after 4 thanks to the police who were supposedly investigating
a missing persons i,e, parents and 2 minor children awol, although no logical reason, decided early on that the family had
left of their own accord and were living the life elsewhere. Sadly it seems the same police jurisdiction are even now after
the bodies have been discovered still attempting to justify their incompetance in persuing an investigation, in ruling out
foul play from the off, when all the signals pointing in that direction.
For anyone following the Madelaine case, to get an insight into how far we as a society have become so depraved from that of
our ancesters thinking, and just how far individuals will stoop for the love of money you need to pick up on this case.
I have been following it from the off, and honestly I have been involved in some really sad cases in my lifetime, but this case
is the only one that I have had sleepless nights over. (For the record according to Rick Baker family members had no participatipation
in the demise the victims) but what I found disturbing in following this case was the fact that the victims business assets were drained
by members of the family starting 2 days after the family disappeared and 4 days after the family were supposedly aware of their
disappearance, and no way shoud those extended family members have legally been able to access to the business accounts of their relative.
Not only that but the fact that a website was set up early on by same family members who solicited donations, yet offered a measly 1000$
reward for information until this day. .........Don't know if it is true or not but I did read somewhere that the cops claimed that it was not
illegal for someone to syphon funds from the business if they had the password.  Sometimes I think I am dreaming and that one of these days
I will wake up and see the wood from the trees.
You could google McStay or try Brink On Crime, or Rick Baker who is a journalist and wrote a book on this case after interviewing
family members and got it all wrong, but in my view is an honest journalist and intent on exposing the facts, there is also Fallbrook news
which is the local news in the area this family lived.

By the way Kate knows.


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