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Call for participation

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Call for participation

Post by Trajan on 27.11.13 0:37

The internet today holds tenthousands of pages related to this “Criminal Case of the Century”. The official PJ-Files were given to the public in 2008 and hold about 11223 pages of statements, photos and material hard facts. Besides this serious source there are a lot of forensically worth non-official information through newspapers and media around the world. The largest serious collection are the McCannFiles which will add up at least another 10000 pages of highly interesting information. Also there exist a large number of Blogs and Forums of discussion of the Case which also hold a lot of very interesting but also very unstructured informations.

This Wiki is intended as a Meta-Resource to the so called “Maddie Case”. Although you will find there some additional information, mainly but there you will find structured links to resources into the Maddie-Case available in the World-Wide-Web.
The intention is to provide a structured Entry into the matter. It should allow the public, journalists and investigators to come to their information needed in a fast and serious way.
Just try it with the few files it has by now. You will see how it works and whats its special value.
You are encouraged to participate with your special knowledge. It is easy and the HOWTO can be found HERE (
To edit you have just to self-create your account. If Wikipedia editing is not familiar to you, just put in your plain texts and links. I will arrange it in correct order.
The GOAL of the wiki is not a new Website or Cut-and-Paste of texts from elsewhere: The goal is to give everybody a fast and high-structered Metaresource. Fill in not so much text, just as much as needed beeing serious, and give Links to the serious Resources which the information holds.
To structure, connect and interlink the thousands of informations in the WWW (jillhavern is one of the resources) will take for me two years I think. With some dozen helpers it will get a effective Metasource in just two months.
So test it, it is free and worth the work to be done.

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