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Sonia Poulton on PVTV - Page 3 Mm11

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Sonia Poulton on PVTV

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Sonia Poulton on PVTV - Page 3 Empty Re: Sonia Poulton on PVTV

Post by Veritas on 28.11.13 17:44

I had some issues with a bank a few years ago. More to the point they engaged in some dodgy practices that got me into their debt. I couldn't pay, and began to research how I got into that position. I found out their impropriety and became indignant. My request for mercy became a full fledged complaint. I began to see other issues too, and as I investigated them the bank suddenly became my friend and without admitting any fault at all, offered to get me right out of the schtuck in that one matter as a gesture of goodwill. They would write it off and I would owe nothing in that regard. All I had to do to accept their offer was sign an indemnity, a disclaimer stating that I would never discuss the details of that matter, never try to pursue any kind of recourse, never include it in any larger issue with the bank, never make a claim on it, ever, or I would owe them the money back. Under pressure,I signed. Within a year I found out that I was a major, grand scheme victim of the bank with much bigger issues with them. The earlier issue had been an early warning, with a solution designed to throw me off. Seven years later it turns out the same bank did all the same things to lots of others. Investigation was held, the bank always won, and I ended up with settlements to make. Bitter, painful, costly. Moreso now that we see that the media keep unearthing the sad stories of systematic abuse and shady practice. 

But... I still signed a legal agreement preventing me from discussing the legal details. You could look at an overview of my affairs, and a researcher could be convinced that he can see the skeleton of a truth-settling, case-solving issue in the earth of my affairs. He might love to get at it. But I won't let him. He could even say 'why don' t you get vindication, even revenge, and dig up that skeleton yourself and prove their guilt and your righteousness.' He could be as frustrated as he likes and imply all kinds of things as a result of my inaction. But it changes nothing. I made an agreement when I thought the only thing at stake was me getting on with my life, and saving my money, and experiencing the relief of release. And even though I now see that the whole thing was bigger and more important, I still signed the document. I cannot get involved in using my experience to bring down that institution or contribute to their harm. To do so, no matter how much I might will it, would cost me everything. 

Coercion can be that easy. It doesn't need to involve violence, just a promise of great loss.

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Sonia Poulton on PVTV - Page 3 Empty Re: Sonia Poulton on PVTV

Post by Guest on 28.11.13 18:09

How true, Veritas. For this very reason, I've never signed anything of the sort. And fought a couple of painful battles, not just with banks. And basically every single of my victories was a loss at the same time too.
With age I have softened and let some things go. But ... I recently won an important one with French Social Security Mrs 

No offense meant friends but you know that ...

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