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Chris Rollings

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Chris Rollings

Post by Lance De Boils on 17.11.13 18:55

I think that Christopher Rollings is a potentially rather interesting character who deserves a thread all of his own.

Who is he?
 (my red)

Vice Chair Appointed for Missing People
Missing People is delighted to announce that Chris Rollings will become the charity’s first Vice-Chair of Trustees.
 Chris Rollings is a Chief Superintendent with Leicestershire Constabulary, and until recently was in charge of missing persons for the Force, a role he had undertaken for the last ten years. He remains the chair of a National Group of over twenty Police Forces whose aim is to improve working practices with regard to missing persons investigations. Chris assisted with the introduction of Child Rescue Alert across the country and launched a computerised missing persons system, as well as a new way of working with local authority partners to review the top ten missing persons regularly.

Chris Rollings
Chris Rollings is Vice – Chair of trustees. He is currently the Head of Customer Services for Three Valleys Housing, a social housing provider based in the Midlands. He was formerly a Chief Superintendent with Leicestershire Police. For 10 years he was in charge of missing persons, and following a HMIC inspection in 2007 achieved an ‘excellent’ rating for missing persons investigations – the only police force in the country to do so.
From 2005 to 2012 he chaired a national police group whose aim was to improve practice in missing persons investigations. This was achieved through a multi-agency approach, and use of a modern bespoke ICT systems.  He was also an active member of the national Strategic Oversight Group for Missing with a remit to improve missing persons prevention, investigation and support.  Chris has an MBA and a degree in psychology and is a keen runner. In 2011 he ran the London Marathon for Missing People!   
Indeed, Chris Rollings (from Birstall, Leicester) is a keen runner.

He has in fact competed in some of the same races as Kate and Gerry, including the Rothley 10k.

I think it would be very interesting to establish how well he knew the McCanns, or of course, Tanner/O'Brien before May 2007.

From his CV, I think it's be fair to guess that he must have had dealings with them afterwards.

Lance De Boils

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Re: Chris Rollings

Post by Curious_Bystander on 19.11.13 15:53

Have spent a while lurking, but think it's worth pointing you in the direction of the appropriate LinkedIn page... I don't know how old the news page is on Missing People, but it seems he took the post in 2010..?


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Re: Chris Rollings

Post by chillyheat on 19.11.13 17:28

I came across this Rollings in a search last night....I cant remember how I got to him. Will go back and take another peek....


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Re: Chris Rollings

Post by chillyheat on 19.11.13 18:08

45 45:16 Gerry MCCANN M v40 396 45:16

77 47:19 Kate MCCANN Fem v40 395 47:19

154 51:22 Chris ROLLINGS M v45 123 50:45

185 52:29 Jane TANNER Fem v40 163 51:58

211 54:09 Fiona PAYNE Fem v35 769 53:38


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