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MURAT revisited

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Re: MURAT revisited

Post by polyenne on 07.08.17 15:23

I wouldn't like to be on the end of it.

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Re: MURAT revisited

Post by Verdi on 07.08.17 20:25

I wouldn't like to be at the beginning of it bignono.

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Re;Murat revisited

Post by willowthewisp on 08.08.17 13:44

@Verdi wrote:I wouldn't like to be at the beginning of it bignono.
Hi Verdi,I know it is what they say"Circumstantial"and not actual evidence tested in a Court of Law?
1.The Abductor has been seen close to the Apartment,wearing a Dark Coloured top with light coloured trousers,Eggman,Smithman,Tannerman,spottyman,McCann files photos 5e6/123C4?
2.It has been reported to the GNR,Portugal of an Abduction by the parents of their daughter Madeleine McCann as 3 May 2007 22.00 hrs.
3.Mr Murat mysteriously arrives in Portugal 30 April/01 May 2007,where it is assumed that Madeleine is alive and well on Holiday complex Mark Warner,Ocean Club?
4. Mr Murat has to retract earlier Sworn statements of his whereabouts,notably 17 accounts of where and what places he had visited for verification on his second statements,to the first statements?
5.Mr Murat and Gerry are thought not to have met each other prior to Madeleine's Abduction,3 May 2007,yet evidence exists of Phone records being switched on off at a certain date and Time prior to the reported Abduction,is Robert Murat the Patsy," Gerry,Did /do You know Robert Murat before your daughter was abducted"Cough I'm Not going to Comment on that,swift departure by Gerry,Kate,and Clarence? 
6.Add into the facts from the files,that the"Families"have a disconnect pattern development from very early on in the Holiday,Sunday 29 April,Mon 30,May 1/2nd May?
7.Then throw into the"Broth"Bell-Pottinger mysterious arrival one week prior to Madeleine's disappearance,with certain family connections to a Former Prime Minister,who had received £500,000 from who,Madeleine's Fund,to keep the McCanns on the Front pages of the Nationals for 12 Months after the reported Abduction?
8.The"dubious"enactment for Operation Grange,via Gerry,Kate,Rebekah Brooks,persuade David Cameron to have Scotland Yard to assist in helping the McCann family over their daughter Madeleine's disappearance,at an exact time the McCann Family were seeking"Defamation Claims"from the Original Portugal Police Detective Goncalo Amaral?
9.Have the McCanns used their "Powers of Persausion"to have duped Government Ministers to Subsidse any"Potential" Criminal charges being Brought,via the Portugal Supreme Court Ruling on defamation,eg the Mccann's have to pay the costs of the Supreme Court case,say 1 Million pounds,yet Operation Grange has cost the UK tax payer well over 12-15 Million pounds and any likely guilty parties are still"Free" to continue to"Leave No Stone Un-turned"my a**e?
If in any doubt about how to avoid being found out about Criminality or behaviour,contact dear old Rupert Murdoch via the web site,The death of Ian Morgan March 10 1987,cost to the UK tax payer over £800 Million pounds in collapsed Court cases?
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