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Swedish professor talks about the McCanns Mm11

Swedish professor talks about the McCanns Regist10

Swedish professor talks about the McCanns

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Swedish professor talks about the McCanns Empty Swedish professor talks about the McCanns

Post by Mariita on 22.10.13 13:13

In a swedish tvshow, called Veckans brott (transl: 'The crime of the week') a professor in criminology talks about different crimes both from the past and new ones as well.
Last week he started the show by talking about the latest news from the the UK about Madeleine. He said that he doesn't believe that it happened the way the 'newspapers are describing it'. He says that the common thing in these kind of stories, is that the guilty person/persons are mostly found in the victim's direct social and geographical close area... I noticed he was expressing things in a rather cryptical way, and so did the woman who also is on this show with him. She said; ' It sounds as if you are not quite telling everything here, there is more to it than you want ta say...?' His answer; ' Yes, there is more to it but I can't sit here and say what I really think...and then again I could be wrong...I would be happy to be wrong in this case...but I'm afraid I'm not. She says to him that the parents had been properly investigated from the police. His answer is, 'no they haven't been at all'. 'The police believed in the abduction story from start which was wrong; they should have looked at the parents from day one', 

Oh yes right from the start when she holds up the british newspapers, he says directly that he believes that Madeleine is dead, but of course pointing out that it is merely his belief; 'my experience tells me she's not alive'. 
Well he doesn't want to say to much really, but I'm glad he's not playing along with the other charade!

It's just in the beginning, first 5 minutes or so.

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Swedish professor talks about the McCanns Empty "Veckans brott" (Crime of the week) with Leif GW Persson

Post by Saamagni on 28.10.13 12:44

Hi Mariita, I´m also from Sweden and I watched the episode you´re referring to. GW Persson has been talking about Madeleine´s case before and even though he´s somewhat diplomatic in what he says he pretty much says that the parents are guilty of/guilty of concealing/ the death of their daughter. 

It´s is a charade for sure. In my eyes it´s so obvious that the parents are not being truthful. At all.

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