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0ver-sleepy children

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0ver-sleepy children

Post by boo boos on 21.10.13 19:38

I originally posted about children's odd sleeping patterns in the Gerry's clothes thread. Could you move it here please candyfloss ? Feel a lot of what is said could not happen if the children were awake and yet it seems unbelievable how none of what then wolf up - esp the tanner man's child - who would be entirely innocent in all this - if true. Maddie couldn't sleep in Rothley, so much so she had the star chart for when she stayed in bed. Apart from Mrs Fenn hearing her - tho I think it was someone else. Why didnt she get up and look for them? Seems more like a child who was in a cot and couldn't get out to me. Also the why didn't you come last night was imo to prove she was alive Thursday morning and didn't happen.
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