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Post by cockerspaniel on 19.10.13 17:30

Follow the link for another brilliant piece by textusa highlighting 8 major discrepancies on the crimewatch reconstruction.

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Post by ultimaThule on 19.10.13 19:55

It seems that Textusa is yet to 'get it'.

Any reconstruction based on the accounts of the McCanns and their 7 friends is unlikely to be representative of the truth and whether doors open left or right, corners vanish, sandals or trainers are worn, etc, etc, is immaterial. 
What matters is the order in which the group claim to have played musical chairs around a square, round, or oblong table, and what time each of them stood up to go outside of the Tapas Bar and what time they returned and sat down during the period between 8.30-10pm on the night of May 3rd 2007.

Andy Redwood's 'deconstruction' has shown that, based on the statements of the McCanns and their 7 friends, Madeleine could only have been taken from her bed between 9.50 and 9.55pm on that night.

As the statements of independent witnesses indicate that Madeleine's disappearance was known to others by 9.30pm and only one of the McCanns' friends was seen sitting at the table in question shortly thereafter, it would appear that it isn't Scotland Yard who's been painted into a now clearly visible corner. 

All credit to the Met's finest for being willing to put themselves up for ridicule in the interests of enabling justice to be done in this case.

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