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Post by soundworks on 18.10.13 21:37

if I was to do a film that wasn't based on any real life events at all that involved a child going missing I would have a plot something similar to the following; wonder what gave me the idea?
A loving family, mother and father, both doctors have 3 children
They go on holiday with friends, they enjoy time together socialising
Throughout the holiday they go out for the evening and leave their three children alone
The eldest is an excitable little girl and doesn't want to be left alone, she wants to be with the grown ups.
From time to time she has had a little help to make her sleep at home
One night she is left alone as she cries, she cries so much that she misses her parents.
The next day is the last day of the holiday, mummy and daddy are looking forward to their usual night out.
The little girl is still upset from the night before and tells mummy and daddy she doesn't want them to go.
The others have a meal at a beach restaurant mid day, everyones there except the little girl and her family.
Mummy and daddy know that she will be kicking up a fuss.
Daddy goes to play tennis and mummy is in the apartment with the 3 children.
The little girl knows its getting late and starts to ask mummy not to go, mummy gives her something to help her sleep. Nothing out of the ordinary but last night she woke up so maybe give her a little bit more.
The little girl jumping about on the sofa, she wants daddy, mummy gives her bit more to sleep, the little girl becomes drowsy, faint and passes out and falls down behind the sofa.
Mummy panics and tries to bring her around but to no avail.
She's now flapping, daddy will be home soon and may bring others. 
She moves the little girl into a wardrobe in the room no one will go in
She then takes the other children into the bathroom and closes the door before daddy and the others get back, runs the bath and bathes them whilst highly emotional.
Daddy comes back with his friend, they here the bath running and water splashing, no one sees any kids but they know they are in the bath.
Daddys friend leaves, Mummy comes out and tells daddy whats happened. They are panicking , they will lose all their children, their jobs, friends and life... what to do.
Daddy devises a plan, they will put the young children to bed and goto dinner as normal. Half way through they will put the little girls body in bed and ask someone to check on the kids. This is the plan, someone can confirm she is there.
Later daddy goes back and takes her body to the church a few hundred yards away, its open and the police dont check there
To raise the alarm, the mummy goes back and then a gust of wind made the door bang shut. This made her go inside the room, what a co incidence, stroke of luck really. It could have banged shut at anytime but it did it just as she was waiting by the door and made her go in the room otherwise she wouldn't have noticed her daughter was missing until much later.
They then play out that she has been taken
They go to the church many times over the next few weeks, they are given alone time in there and its never searched.
They rent a car and move there little girl further down the coast and take the body out to sea.
They get away with it despite conflicting stories, dna, sniffer dogs. They even go on TV and act odd, when answering questions they are showing all the signs of being careful with the truth during interviews.
I'd also have an alternate ending that an intruder took the little girl. The death smell was transferred to a cupboard, car and teddy because mummy took the toy to work and touched dead people. 
The alternate ending is more likely and realistic but the other one wouldn't be too far fetched.


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Post by chillyheat on 18.10.13 21:43

I bet Gerry McCann is in your Director thoughts....
Or perhaps a Director, part acting bit.....He would love the peace in the church away from all those theatrical lights.
Yeah.....Go for it


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Post by Woofer on 18.10.13 22:00

@ soundworks -  "Half way through they will put the little girls body in bed and ask someone to check on the kids"

Unfortunately, by now the child has been dead for over 90 mins, so leaves a trace of cadaverine on the bedclothes.

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