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Daily Record ! !

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Daily Record ! !

Post by PeterMac on Fri Oct 18 2013, 10:26
Joan Burnie: Kate and Gerry McCann shouldn't be persecuted by vile online trolls for trying to find their daughter
JOAN speaks out about the backlash that the McCanns have faced for leaving their kids in the apartment whilst they dined out.
But they are allowing comments
to Joa Burnie
You have got it wrong Joan, everyone I have spoken to regarding this story believes the McCanns should be prosecuted for child neglect.
I believe if the McCanns were just ordinary folk this would have happened

Check Margaret Davidsons story, the McCanns left there children alone, they are lucky they still have one child, I personally think it is a disgrace that they thought that it was ok to leave 2 children alone while they drank and ate with friends

what utter nonsense , i dont know anyone who is trying to excuse the people who too that poor neglegted wee soul , that does not mean u cant mention how it turns ur stomach to hear kate macann still say they done nothing wrong , really kate ? the simple truth is had they really done nothing wrong and therefor decided their children were more important than boozing with their pals then that poor wee soul would not have been taken and just so as tobe clear here , of course if u have to judge whos was the biggest sin then of course its whoever took her , that dosent mean people dont have the right right to point out that there were failings on the part of her parents and i will not allow some journalist friend of the mc anns to bully me from pointing that out

I have to say that I agree with the comments from Henry Craig and William Sloan. If Rab and Senga from Govan had gone off on the bevvy in Benidorm leaving their kids home alone I think that you, Joan, and your middle class friends would have tut-tutted and said that it is just what you would expect from "those sorts" of people. I watched Crimewatch on Monday and perhaps it is just me but as Louis Walsh is always saying on the X Factor you need the likeability factor and there is someithing about Gerry McCann especially which comes across as annoying. We need to get away from immediately decrying anyone who makes an adverse comment as being a troll - some may be but others are only putting forward their honestly held opinions.

There is a massive difference between Jamies mother 'momentarily losing track of her son in a shopping centre' and what the McCanns did by leaving their 3 children alone in a holiday apartment while they went out for dinner and drinks. What the McCanns did was premeditated. According to you, "Gerry rightly says 'whoever took their daughter and is wholly responsible for whatever happened to Madeleine'", in a lot of people's opinion, that person, although despicable, should never have got the opportunity the McCanns provided.

You should be ashamed of making a similarity between the McCann incident and the murder of Jamie Bulger. There is none!
The McCann's made a conscious decision to leave their children alone (in a foreign country) to dine 'a few short yards from where they were eating'. Mrs Bulger momentarily lost sight of her son in a shopping centre. Where in your insensitive mind is the similarity?
I believe you should retract this sentence from your article and offer an unreserved apology to the Bulger family.

the criminal is the abductor. they have to be found before they do it again. These old arguments have been addressed and the McCanns more than anyone aware of this. We have to focus on Madeleine not blame of the family in crisis, but blame for the abductor. If it was your child you would NEVER EVER give up no matter what. Focus on Madeleine not old old stale nearly 7 yr old arguments!!! A child's life is at stake.

I DISAGREE with you. and, by the way get your facts right. The McCanns had 3 children .....not as you have described below. They also HAVE many times admitted in hindsight they did make a mistake, but thought it safe. They know now it was no such thing and regret it and have said so many many many times. Stones and glass houses spring to mind here.

Dear oh dear. Wake up and smell the eleven cadaver alerts on McCann premises and property, Joan!

Joan, have a word with yourself and, after you've done that, acquaint yourself with the police files that are freely available online. Articles like yours, that are written from a position of extreme ignorance about the case, are only going to come back and bite you on the bum.

You call yourself a journalist? A decent journalist would have made sure they had their facts correct before spouting the utter claptrap you have. Google the Gaspar statements and the EVRD evidence before making yourself look like a complete numpty again.
I am disgusted that you lump James Bulgers mom and The McCanns together,there is no camparision and it's utterly obscene to suggest it,Denise and her family have suffered enough with out being dragged into this circus,you should be ashamed and offer Denise a heartfelt apology,disgusting journalism.

We are assuming there was abductors..if like a good journalist you sure you have read the Portugese police states the evidence does not support the abduction theory...firstly they said the window had been jemmied open...not true..the cadaver dogs found evidence of blood and bodily fluids in the house also the boot of the car and kates clothing...yet you have the gaul to write such a shoddy article and mention James the same should be ashamed of yourself ...journalist haha please Mcspam lickers

Are you a mason too ? Joan Burniie you and your colleagues in the " free press " have at no point reflected the abhorrence at the neglect the McCanns showed towards their three children. The subsequent bizarre media manipulation they have orchestrated ever since the poor child went missing is again examined without the expected critical glare. Do your jobs and investigate and reflect public opinion.

I think this article is a disgrace ..they went out night after night...not just popped to the shops..2nd if you have read the Portugese police does not back the theory there ever was a abduction...the mcspams told everyone at home Maddies gone.. the window had been not true...then the cavader dogs found scent in the wardrobe, behind the couch, also in the car and on kate clothes...if this is an attempt to make people feel for the mcspams...then im afraid its it look like the media protecting them again

I find your remarks very insulting and inane, and why do people who support the McCaans insisit on using the word 'Trolls' we are just like you, ordinary everyday people, with families and jobs, and like you we are entitiled to our opinion, answer me this...before the Crimewatch programme was shown, there was 2.500 on a site on Facebook, this site has now got over 10,000 people, who are seeking answers that have been un-answered so many times over the years, so if the McCaans thought by having this shown it was going to gain them some respect, how come so many thousands of people now disagree with them...just saying like.

there is no such thing as a "perfect" parent yes we all make mistakes but to leave 3 children all under the age of 4yrs old in an apartment alone for 4 consecutive nights, unable to see or hear them is just dam right irresponsible in my opinion and for that alone they should be prosecuted!!

6 month old baby while you went shopping?
unfit parent right there, you shouldnt be writing for a paper

I have never once left any of my kids on their own. So just because they were around the corner that is ok. Pathetic people should justify it, I would'nt leave mine on their own even when I was in the garden.



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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by ProfessorPPlum on Fri Oct 18 2013, 17:41

^^^^^ Wow ^^^^^^exalt

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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by Smokeandmirrors on Fri Oct 18 2013, 18:14

What a stupid, stupid woman that journalist is. Sadly, completely ignorant of the case and has clearly not researched her subject matter.

But then……..

She left a six month old baby in the garden while she went shopping and came back to find a cat almost suffocating it! There you have it folks, ANOTHER IDIOT who endangered a young babies life because she couldn't be arsed to take her baby with her.

It's all very well ranting about Trolls, but it seems to be an easy, nay lazy, insult to fling at those who are able to hold a mirror up to the failings of poor excuses of parents.

The truth will out.

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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by tigger on Fri Oct 18 2013, 19:47

Smokeandmirrors wrote:What a stupid, stupid woman that journalist is. Sadly, completely ignorant of the case and has clearly not researched her subject matter.

But then……..

She left a six month old baby in the garden while she went shopping and came back to find a cat almost suffocating it! There you have it folks, ANOTHER IDIOT who endangered a young babies life because she couldn't be arsed to take her baby with her.

It's all very well ranting about Trolls, but it seems to be an easy, nay lazy, insult to fling at those who are able to hold a mirror up to the failings of poor excuses of parents.
Is there a statute of limitation on this particular offence?  

Btw cats suffocating babies is an urban myth imo or a get-out clause. Dog attacking a crying child can happen. Cat sitting on a face, no.  Too uncomfortable and damp.

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by stumo on Fri Oct 18 2013, 19:47

I cannot believe she mentioned Delise Bulger and the McScammers in the same article.

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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by tiredofthebs on Sat Oct 19 2013, 02:55

Notice that they have allowed comments. And I have actually read at least one comment on that article that tells people to google "the gaspars statements."

"Cadaver dog? What is it? Lassie?" - Philomena McCann, This Morning, September 2007


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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by chillyheat on Sat Oct 19 2013, 03:06

sadist.....She is probably laughing about the replies also. A vile person whom possibly delved into the darkside a few times. Wonder if she ever got a xmas card of Jimbo


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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by Seek truth on Sat Oct 19 2013, 04:34

Another example of THE POWER OF THE EVIL .


Seek truth

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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by lj on Sat Oct 19 2013, 05:56

High quality journalism: calling people names because they have a different opinion.

Shows intelligence

and class

a certain kind of class like everything connected to the McCanns.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by russiandoll on Sat Oct 19 2013, 08:54

People put cat nets on prams which are left in gardens for babies to get fresh air. I gather from this story that it was not pouring with rain or the pram would have been indoors. Even so, there is no excuse for not taking a baby with you.....already in a pram ready to be wheeled away?

 Probably no harm likely to come to a baby in a very short time, but what if something unexpected happened while you were out and you were delayed returning?
 No sensible parent would do this, even the thought of your baby waking and crying would deter you.
 I think she has made this story up, that or she is a stupid woman.


             The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate,
contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and
~John F. Kennedy


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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by plebgate on Sat Oct 19 2013, 09:13

you've got to wonder sometimes when you hear/read these stories of people leaving their children alone (only for a short while you understand) whether they have been on the pop. 

I also wonder when I read the stories whether they are still on the pop.   Who would admit to such a thing if they were thinking straight?


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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by Upsy Daisy on Sat Oct 19 2013, 09:18

ha! The Scottish public telling it like it is! this journalist has been writing in the daily record for about 30 years, since I was a child in the same irritating way, getting everyone's back up in the process. No wonder the comments are scathing. I am guessing though given her age, in those days people did leave prams outside but reckon she fabricated the bit about the cat to reinforce the acceptability of the McCann's behaviour. Foolish woman.

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Re: Daily Record ! !

Post by Mirage on Mon Oct 21 2013, 15:48

I just came across this article in the Scottish Daily Record (yesterday's date).
Redressing the balance after Burnie?


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