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CARLOS ANJOS: Carlos Anjos: Release of e-fits "is very unprofessional" Mm11

CARLOS ANJOS: Carlos Anjos: Release of e-fits "is very unprofessional" Regist10

CARLOS ANJOS: Carlos Anjos: Release of e-fits "is very unprofessional"

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CARLOS ANJOS: Carlos Anjos: Release of e-fits "is very unprofessional" Empty CARLOS ANJOS: Carlos Anjos: Release of e-fits "is very unprofessional"

Post by sweetex on 17.10.13 20:04

News anchor Andreia Vale [AV]: In the studio with us is Carlos Anjos, CMTV commentator. Hello Carlos, good afternoon. Thank you for being here. This e-fit of an individual, this new "breath" of the [English police] investigation, does it have any credibility in your opinion?

Carlos Anjos, President of the Committee for the Protection of Crime Victims/ former president of the Association of Officials of Criminal Investigation of the PJ [CA] - Good afternoon. Unfortunately, no. Unfortunately, no. It seems to me, from the way that this is being carried out, from the standpoint of the criminal investigation to be very unprofessional. We do have in fact two schools of thought. We have the school of thought of criminal investigation in Continental Europe that has a particular way of working, where the media is only used to divulge any information when it reaches a dead end and is unable to go further; and the Anglo-Saxon school that uses the media in every way possible...

AV - Often from the outset.

CA - From the outset, precisely, playing on emotions. In this case, what we see here, is that all the information are contradictory - and it would be good if we could set down a record of everything that we have learned in the past few days in order to understand some errors and some disinformation. First, no one was detained in the scope of this case. The man that was arrested, was detained for collateral crimes, connected to crimes against children. The police detected child pornography in his computer, he sold child pornography, and he was arrested a month ago. He wasn't arrested now, he was detained by the Manchester police. England has a total different system from ours, each city has its own police force, each force has its own autonomy. They don't have a single body at national level unlike us, with the Judiciary Police, the PSP, the GNR, police authorities that work in the whole country. They have police forces in each county and city, which remain autonomous. Therefore it wasn't the London Metropolitan police, or Scotland Yard - who are investigating with a special team the Madeleine case - that have arrested that man, but the Manchester police.


ETA: This article is confusing. I think he must be talking about the barrister? Someone was arrested? Suppose we should be waiting for the ...ongoing... part. 

We have read so much info over the past days, when I read this article now for the 3rd time, I was like "WHAT ON EARTH" have I just pasted here.


"Today, the only person prosecuted in the case of the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann is the officer who conducted the investigation. "

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