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Questions from a newbie!

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Questions from a newbie!

Post by newgirl on 17.10.13 19:16

Hey :)
Im really new to this (about two days!) Obviously heard about maddie going missing when it happened but to be honest apart from thinking it really sad didnt think too much about it.
I came across a few articles online a few days ago that got me interested and I read 'the truth of the lie' yesterday which led me here and my mind is kind of blown!

Shows what you can get away with when your friends with gorden brown! Anyway over the last couple of days I've read hundreds of posts on here (you all are very knowledgable and its nice to see such well manored discussions about such a horrible situation, expect for the odd mccan bot here and there!)

there are a few things that have been playing on my mind though, really apologise if they have been covered already but its a lot to read in two days! 

Firstly im really confused how she could die from falling off the back of a sofa and leave blood samples? I have a 4 yr old god daughter who seems to make it her misson to climb on anything she is told not to which has resulted in quite a big fall from the back of a sofa which only left her witha bump on the head. Even sedated I cant picture how this would of killed her.

secondly the pictures of the wall with the blood markers on in the 'truth of te lie' show the blood really high up on the walls, again I cant see how this would of happened from a fall from a sofa! Just want to be clear im not questioning that she died there, it seems enough evidence to say that is the case but it just seems odd that would be the way it happened?

With the amount of peodphilia connections, David Payne and Gerry Mccans disscussions, Murets past plus I read somewhere he knew gerry mccan? The russian web designer he was on the phone to that night, David Payne and Gerry supposedly being the last ones to see her alive and gerry mccans attitude the whole way through all looks very dodgy to me.

Although its a horrible thing to think of it seems more likely to me that something very bad was done to her that day by the men of that group, perhaps thats why Oldfield try to keep kate away from doing checks?

straight away they said she had been taken by pedophiles, perhaps because they new if her body was found it would be an abused one? My own personal experience of abusive families is that it can only be covered up to a point, maybe thenpolice would be better off exploring that side of things?

as much as kate mccan seems like a very selfish, heartless person gerry does seem to be in full control of the situation with her checking with him on everything which again is very typical of an abusive father.

Im sure I read somewhere as well that they took the rental car for a lin drive to spain, surely there will be sightings of them onlong the way that could help narrow down where she is buried?

also another little musing but there seems to be a lot of stuff over the last couple of weeks of a more negative nature to the mccans all over the web not just here, only 18months or so before election time and there isnt a hope in hell of mr cameron being re-elected.... unless it was exposed that labour prime ministers had help cover up the death/murder of a little girl, obstructed a criminal investigation and essentially assisted in a multi million pound fraud.... that would make david cameron look almost saintly!

Anyway just interested on hearig your thoughts? At least we can take comfort in that fact that, even if it takes 30 years, the truth will come out eventually as it always does with these things! X


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Re: Questions from a newbie!

Post by bodiddly on 17.10.13 19:46

To answer your first question I recall (correct me if I am wrong) that an early forensic report is alleged to have mentioned a certain blood spray is common with a certain type of broken larynx & some DNA samples found related to cerebral fluids indicates a broken neck or fractured skull.

Your theory on abuse is certainly possible and shared by some. I am afraid I have no answers for the Spajn drive. I haven't looked into that yet.

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Re: Questions from a newbie!

Post by macgee on 17.10.13 20:27

why would gerry, when asked did he know murat,say no comment i,m not going to answer that(or words to that affect) .  why would an innocent person not  just say yes or no ?


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Re: Questions from a newbie!

Post by Guest on 17.10.13 22:13

Goodness knows why Gerry wouldn't answer the very reasonable question about Robert Murat. It can only cause people to think that they did know each other.

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