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Email to Crimewatch Empty Email to Crimewatch

Post by Greycatofoxford on 17.10.13 8:51

I have today just written an  e-mail to all the major producers of the above, a  vague hope but better than nothing.
I will try to reproduce it here but as I am technically challenged this may be a step too far for me..however here are their e-mail addresses

I am hoping that if there is an unprecedented surge of such emails they might--just might realise the huge swell of outrage

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Email to Crimewatch Empty e-mail to crimewatch

Post by Perky on 22.10.13 16:47

Hi Greycatofoxford.

Your post creates a few questions for me/the uninitiated.

Unless you elude to something in a different area/forum/thread, you have not explained anything to readers, other than you have written something uinknown to some memders of the crimewatch team.
You have not included your email/letter as yet (copy and paste facility?).
You have not said what it is about or includes, e.g. especially for anyone new reading this.
You have not appealled for others to do anything and if this is inferred, what they are to do.
How are you/others to know if/when a large number of emails (subjective?) are received by crimewatch and even if a large number were to be received, if they are all similar, it may be indicative of extremists, haters, conspiritors or coming from a group of likeminded but ill informed bloggers on a biased site - especially if they have (or have been advised to have) a particular view themselves. Or maybe they have their own remit from on high or fear litigation.

Unless you are well read on the topic from different perspectives or have followed the media and a site like this, be sure to include key points, allude to facts/evidence, use emotion selectively ior resist entirely and don't open yourself to libel action, (accusing people for example) however strongly you believe something. Don't make the situation worse or hinder instead of help is what I'm getting at. I don't mean be false at all, just polished. You'd like them to read it after all wouldn't you? Keep it as succinct as possible and get someone to help you write it if you think it will help. I may of course be teaching you to suck eggs here, but better to err this way than the other I think.

Try to send a copy of what you sent, I'm sure readers would like to read it.

Kind regards,


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Email to Crimewatch Empty Re: Email to Crimewatch

Post by Guest on 22.10.13 17:20

For information and the new members, this was sent to Crimewatch before the programme.

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