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Post by BigRon on 15.10.13 19:09

"Maddie caused us real embarrassment by crying so much the other night - I'll give them all some crushed up valium in their milk - that should mean we can have a decent night tonight."

"Yeah go for it. Maybe you can give some to the others."

K & G get ready to go out. Children are put to bed c 20:00. As far as K & G are concerned they are out for the count. They go down to dinner. It is 8:20. Except Maddie didn't drink all her milk. She hears the door close. She is disturbed and drowsy. She doesn't like Mummy and Daddy leaving her in a dark apartment. She wanders out into the living room. She climbs up on to the sofa to look out of the window to see if she can see Mummy or Daddy. But she is drowsy. Unco-ordinated. She falls and smacks her temple on the tiled floor. It is 20:22. If supervised, this accident means a dash to the hospital with every chance of a good outcome. But Maddie is alone, drugged and swallows her tongue. She dies alone. 

No one checks on her until Gerry, after he has had a cosy chat with Jeremy Wilkins, spots she is not in her bed. It is 21:15 - nearly an hour since Maddie's accident. He tries to rouse her "Madeleine! Madeleine!" But to no avail. This is a disaster. It's a disaster. He texts - the friends from the Tapas come dashing over to see what they can do to help. Nothing can be done. An idea is hatched. Something quick. We'll have to say she's been snatched - there's nothing else for it. A timeline is scribbled on a page of Maddie's colouring book. That's our story. Right Gerry - you'll have to take her. It has to be you - if anyone sees you say you're putting her in the car to take her to hospital, you've panicked. Take the long way down to the beach, it's quieter. There's storm drains down there, all sorts of places you can put her for now. 

Kate - you'll have to raise the alarm. Let's let Gerry drop Maddie's body down at the beach. When he's virtually back at the Ocean Club he can text to let us know - then Kate you make a scene. Get the abduction story going right from the start. By then Gerry's going to be back here - he'll have an alibi for the time she's discovered missing. We can get the press onside - make it big. Agreed?


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Post by corpushining on 15.10.13 20:41

7 you really think they would all be able to hold their tongue? 

How would Gerry have picked up the dumped body? Within 24 hours the worlds media had descended.

Wouldnt your first instinct be to call the ambulance? There is still a chance of resuscitation? 

Wouldnt cleaning equipment have been needed?


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