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Where was Gerry 9,30 - 10.00pm? - Page 5 Mm11

Where was Gerry 9,30 - 10.00pm? - Page 5 Regist10

Where was Gerry 9,30 - 10.00pm?

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Where was Gerry 9,30 - 10.00pm? - Page 5 Empty Re: Where was Gerry 9,30 - 10.00pm?

Post by Cristobell on 15.05.14 19:22

dantezebu wrote:What I don't understand is that JT beat her self up about seeing Tannerman and not doing anything at the time.
And then we have GM not beating himself up about also being there at the time and not looking up the road and seeing his daughter being "abducted".
He has said words to the effect that they were not there at the "moment". But according to OFM and the persistence of TM he was there. Apparently.
I don't think they beat themselves up about any of their actions, and that was one of the things that always irked me.  They should have used their 'mistake' to warn other parents, not bring back child listening services such as those used in 1950's Butlins, and all those who leapt to the parents' defence by saying we do it/we've done it, should hang their heads in shame.  Leaving 3 toddlers under the age of 4 in a strange apartment is an accident waiting to happen.  That is why no-one, absolutely no-one, (are you listening Lorraine?), should advocate that leaving tots alone and going down the pub is Ok, and that we all do it. 

The danger is not abduction, in fact the chances of abduction are probably a billion to one.  The chances of 3 walking talking toddlers having an accident in an apartment they are not familiar with furniture they are not familiar with, are off the scale, in racing terms, it would be a dead cert.  Madeleine was known to get up and go to her parents bed, we can only imagine her fear when she woke up and no-one was there and no-one was answering her cries. Its hard to imagine how terrifying it must have been for a child of that age to wake up and wander around a strange apartment in the dark, perhaps climbing up to look out of the window to see if she could spot her parents. It infuriates me that the neglect issue is so casually brushed aside - on the Tuesday night, they did not check on the kids for over an hour and a quarter - a long, long time for a distressed child.  

The lesson to be learned from this case was not that there are bogeymen lurking on every corner, but that leaving toddlers and babies on their own is child endangerment!

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