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George Osborne

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George Osborne

Post by Guest on 14.10.13 15:47

George Osborne: Cops raid home of ex-vice madam about to tell all on wild parties involving top Tories

13 Oct 2013 09:23

Natalie Rowe was warned not to "open a can of worms" before publishing new claims about her relationship with the Chancellor

Ex-vice madam Natalie Rowe has had her home raided by police days before she will make new claims about her relationship with Chancellor George Osborne, the Sunday People reports.
Up to 12 Drugs Squad officers armed with a battering ram burst into her London flat in a dawn swoop claiming they were acting on a tip-off from a member of the public.
But no drugs were found in the two-hour search during which Miss Rowe claims she was threatened with being handcuffed – and had questions asked about her forthcoming autobiography.
The book is expected to make ­embarrassing new claims about Mr Osborne, who was allegedly a regular guest at wild parties the dominatrix threw at her flat in the early 1990s.
Miss Rowe was raided just 48 hours after a national paper reported that her memoirs are due out later this month.

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How is this news going to be buried, maybe another celebrity arrest?


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Re: George Osborne

Post by tigger on 14.10.13 16:04

He won't have been the only 'name' at those parties. 
So what?  Wild parties over twenty years ago - consenting adults etc. wouldn't't bother me. 

He wasn't chancellor then. Next I'm going to hear he didn't always treat his girlfriends well. Noneofour business imo. 
So how can the press be so eager to sanctify the McCanns and yet has to dig so deep for unproven dirt on Osborne? 

I bet he's got lovely wallpaper and isfondofhiswife and children but that's not news.

(Sorry - it's that special iPad glue....)

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