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Blog unterdenteppichgekehrt

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Blog unterdenteppichgekehrt

Post by Juulcy on 11.10.13 19:18

Does anyone know what happened to the (excellent) blog unterdenteppichgekehrt?

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Re: Blog unterdenteppichgekehrt

Post by pfiffi on 11.10.13 20:40

You are right.

Today in the morning I could read the Blog, now it is "entfernt", which means: The blog was removed by the owner (Johanna). I try to find out and will report. But perhaps the owners of this forum know better? Did/Do you have (had) contact to Johanna?

If anyone wants to discuss the case in german language:

best wishes from germany


edit: since a few days Johanna remarked, that she has to be careful. Threads? I don't know, perhaps she herself can answer?


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