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Complaining about a proposed programme to the BBC on 03700 100 222 - It's easy

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Complaining about a proposed programme to the BBC on 03700 100 222 - It's easy

Post by Tony Bennett on 11.10.13 14:54

What happens  if you ‘phone 03700 100  222 to complain to the BBC?

You can use this number to complain about a proposed programme as well as a past programme.

When the recorded message comes up, you will be told you’ve connected to ‘Audience Services.

First of all, choose option ONE.

You then have three options:  

1. Comment
2. Express appreciation
3. Complaint

Press THREE.

You’ll then be connected to a human voice.

What happens to your complaint?

A. It is recorded  electronically – and can be played back by the BBC if they are following-up or investigating a complaint
B. You do not have to give your name or any personal details
C. The person you talk to will summarise it
D. S/he will type up a summary of it
E. S/he will put it on an ‘Audience Log’, using the BBC’s ‘intranet’ system
F. The summary of your complaint will be passed to the producers of the programme and on a generic Audience Log which BBC managers can see
G. Complaints about a particular programme will be counted automatically.

It is an effective route to use if there are many people who have a serious issue with a proposed programme.


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