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Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube Mm11

Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube Regist10

Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube

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Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube Empty Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube

Post by sharonl on 11.10.13 8:20

Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube:

Comments so far:

Pat Brown

Hurrah, Wendy Murphy, for having the guts to speak the truth on national TV. I, too, got a number of requests to do tv interviews (I wrote a book called Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann which Amazon removed from sale after being threatened by Carter-Ruck, those infamous solicitors Wendy speaks of that the McCanns have retained to sue anyone with a theory based on evidence from the police files) and I told them that Scotland Yards "investigation" was bollocks. I wasn't asked on.

Sparrow Dean

Wendy you are heroic, an astute lawyer who is not afraid to tell it like it is, hallelujah!!! Madeleine needs people like you to speak up because she has no voice and deserves justice.

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Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube Empty Re: Wendy Murphy uploaded to YouTube

Post by Daisy on 11.10.13 8:33

Thanks Sharon.

A couple more comments.

The Spectator 2 hours ago
Where does this Newsreader get her research from, Clarence Mitchell? First of all there isn't a lot of evidence to say that Kate and Gerry McCann are innocent at all and secondly, of course the Portugese police took the case seriously. It was the largest search ever conducted in Portugal for a missing child. Thank you Wendy Murphy, for setting the record straight and telling it as it really is. This talk of a new suspect by NSY is rubbish. It is a whitewash & a cover up by the UK establishment!

ARB348 7 hours ago
YES!! Someone is FINALLY speaking up for Madeleine, and not for those two emotionless cold fish who call themselves her parents! OF COURSE this "new suspect" is a PR stunt designed to distract from the court case!!

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