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Dogs/DNA and Irish Family witness testimony questions.

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Dogs/DNA and Irish Family witness testimony questions.

Post by EvoBen on 10.10.13 12:06

I have some questions. I have always believed that the McCanns are innocent but yesterday I became aware that there have been attempts to censor various books, news articles and people due to libel cases. I was interested in why there is such a problem and I am kinda astonished to learn how much of a mess this case actually is. Maybe someone here can help me out. Here are my questions.
1) What logical explanations have been given for why the dogs detected blood/cadaver? I have read that the dogs are right, the dogs are wrong, that the dogs are right but it could be explained by the fact the McCanns are doctors who work around these things a lot? What I am trying to ask is, if dogs like this came into the home of anyone who worked in similar conditions would the dogs also pick up traces like this? I hope controlled experiments have been done like this.

2)If the dogs detected blood/samples and the samples had DNA (and I believe the dogs did detect this so it answers #1) what % of people could the DNA have belonged too? I am a biologist and yet I have not seen this answered clearly. Some sources say everybody has the same sequence of DNA that was found. This can happen as we need the same DNA for things for like human characteristics, so I think the markers are known to be unique (like satellite DNA, Junk DNA). 15/19 seems to me to be quite high and why would we bet on the 4/19 (which are missing right? if they were present and different we would know they are not from her) being not the same? It seems like a 1/5 bet, but in genetics this isn't the case as the chances of anyone sharing 15/19 is extremely low. So my question is, why have the UK investigators found this to be unreliable?

3)How is the Smith Irish family witness testimony explained away? I haven’t seen a good answer to this except both witnesses where wrong about what they saw?
I just do not understanding how all these things can still be hanging around in the investigation unanswered satisfactorily. I am betting I am wrong about some things and maybe someone should set me right on why the McCanns are innocent because that is what I thought all along.



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Re: Dogs/DNA and Irish Family witness testimony questions.

Post by Ayniia on 10.10.13 19:27

I'm sure there's lots of topics around that can answer your questions but I'll try giving a brief answer since I'm out of computer and searching topics on mobile is extremely difficult:

1-just regarding the clothes: The dogs reacted ONLY to Kate shirt / pants and one of Madeleine's shirts. Assuming they were a group of doctors, you have your answer there, no reaction on any one else's clothes.
Logical explanation ( I'll leave my opinion out ) Team Mccann said Sean had acquired a taste for seabass - it is said seabass can leave " cadaver like smell ". The dogs are extremely reliable and trained with actual bodies

2- sorry I can't answer that properly it's too complicated for me

3-Regarding the Smith sighting:

Mr Smith was about to come to Portugal to talk to the investigators but then the case was shelved.

Get around the forum and use the search box it's an awesome tool and the forum has very good discussions that will probably answer all your questions. :)

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