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Contacting Operation Grange

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Contacting Operation Grange

Post by sharonl on 09.10.13 21:33

It may be that some here will want to contact Operation Grange - either before the Redwood-BBC Crimewatch production, or afterwards.

Remember that they've said on the record more than once that they are interested in any facts or information about the case.

Every single e-mail communication to them is being acknowledged, even if only with an automated receipt, which currently reads:

"Many thanks for taking the time to contact the Operation Grange mailbox.  Your email will be read by one of the officers on the enquiry team. You will appreciate that we receive a large volume of emails as part of this enquiry and as a result you may not necessarily receive any further contact from us. If, however we need to contact you further, an officer will be in touch in due course."
Under police procedures, they cannot ignore relevant facts and appropriate lines of enquiry. If they do, it could lead to a finding of misconduct against them, especially the most senior officers.

If you do decide to write to Operation Grange:

1. Stick to the facts as far as possible; if you have an opinion, base it on fcats that you've set out

2. Give sources if you can

3. Leave your 'phone number if you want them to contact you  

4. Be polite and courteous, anger or an aggressive tone isn't going to impress anyone and

5. If possible, copy your e-mails on to this thread - or, failing that

6. Please print off a copy of your submission and keep it safe.

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