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SY New Theory - Burglars  - Page 5 Mm11

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SY New Theory - Burglars

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SY New Theory - Burglars  - Page 5 Empty Re: SY New Theory - Burglars

Post by galena on 09.10.13 20:58

@Daisy wrote:
@galena wrote:How is this 'new'?  I know for a fact that this theory along with umpteen others has been raised - certainly on the original Digispy thread and dismissed as a possibility. It would be surprising if it had not - there is a limited number of ways Madeleine could have disappeared and I'm pretty certain that every single one has been discussed to death on some forum or another.  The popular media may give the impression that the internet is full of 'nutters' plotting against the McCanns but in fact virtually the only sensible rational discussions about Maddie's disappearance are those I've read on the internet.  The papers are full of nonsense like false leads and half-baked theories which contribute absolutely new to the search for what happened to Maddie ...
You're correct galena, defintely not a new theory.

Madeleine: Portuguese police to re-examine burglaries at resort
Last updated at 11:48 19 August 2007
Thanks I was beginning to think I was going mad! This case is beginning to feel like groundhog day - we have been going over the same old ground for the last six years and I am beginning to think that the media has the collective memory of a goldfish!

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