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Post by Cristobell on 04.10.13 18:29

Apologies the other thread was getting too long!

Did BBC News just say they wanted all people who own phones in the PDL area to come forward.  Good heavens, the words needle and haystack spring to mind.  If Scotland Yard are not taking the piss, they are estimating a result for this case sometime in the next century. Should someone in PDL, for example, have telephoned someone in Wales, will Scotland Yard then ask for everyone in Wales who owned a phone in 2007 to come forward and to get themselves eliminated? There is a domino effect, like swine flu, what if said Welsh person then phoned someone in New York - where does it end?

The main protagonists, who are not suspects, will be enjoying Darby and Joan cruises, before SY reach Skegness.  Good luck with that.


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Post by tigger on 04.10.13 18:47

Here you are then Christobel -  I've answered your post on page 34 and page 35 is the last page of the first SY telephone topic I was under the impression that topics when getting too long, are divided by the mods or admin. So I'll use the other telephone topic to avoid confusion.

Here copied and pasted is your latest work:

We can all go home now, the McCanns are not suspects, Scotland Yard have spoken and they are the world's leading Detectives with links to James Bond.

I do wonder though if they are keeping the heat off Kate and Gerry by exonerating the infamous pair halfway through the investigation?  Has there ever been a case in the UK or indeed anywhere in the world, where detectives have declared the main protagonists as 'not suspects'? Its quite an odd thing to do, especially as the investigation is ongoing and could potentially lead anywhere.  

The pro trolls on twitter are jumping for joy and those who have lost all faith in humankind after following this case, are pessimistic, and shouting 'whitewash', and 'I told you so'.  I'm not convinced, it would be a risky strategy, who knows how many are involved, and how many of those involved would stand up to close scrutiny should their own 'interests' be analysed? Is trolling on the internet a recognised profession?    

It looks as though a lot of people have big secrets eating away at them and they probably do not have the calculating personalities of Gerry and Kate. Something has got to give, not least the ever present danger that someone within their circle might spill the beans and outdazzle the starry pair with their own true story of what happened. They are clearly not honourable people, and why should the McCanns get all the cash?  

Anyone could crack at anytime in the future, and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. It's a big old secret to have hanging over you, and it will never go away, because the McCanns won't.  'We won't stop' said Kate, 'ever'.  My sympathy goes out to all of those on their mailing list.  

As some of us already know, there are people in the inner circle, and indeed on the periphery, of this case who will go to any lengths to protect whatever the hell it is they are protecting.  Many of these proactive supporters are, shall we say, very unstable, so much so, that I even fear for the McCanns themselves.  The magnitude of what has gone on to cover up the disappearance of this child, cannot be underestimated, especially in cash terms, it runs to telephone numbers.    

Why not a whitewash?  Prime Ministers like to leave a legacy, and putting right the wrongs of a former Prime Minister would contribute to that. As it stands, any blame for things that have gone wrong in this case  in the past, can be lain at the door of Gordon Brown.  David Cameron can be the knight on the white steed, who charged in to put it all right.  He gave the go ahead for the Review, he gave another £5m of public money and the go ahead for a full investigation.  He must now produce a living Madeleine and a swarthy abductor or criminal convictions. Oops, will not suffice.  

I could of course be completely wrong, and we are at War (of the media kind) with Portugal.  How dare you victimise our stricken British citizens, you dastardly foreigners - we won the war you know!  Pip pip.  The good old Beeb, (BBC) are putting out a special edition of Crimewatch, for the UK and at least another 4 countries that will prove beyond doubt, the McCanns are caring parents who deserve our love and (financial) support - please see link to the Madeleine Fund paypal button in the credits.

Our 'official government approved' documentary supercedes your 'Truth of the Lie' documentary, and if you won't give Kate and Gerry 1.2m Euros, we will prove you are just being horrid to them and our Navy will prepare for war.  You have been told!


Ps.  This announcement has nowt at all to do with ongoing libel trial in Lisbon.

Pps.  In the event Truth of the Lie has higher ratings and more believers we reserve the right to claim a further 1m Euros + for the McCanns' descendants and their heirs and any children Madeleine may have had.

Ppps. The Madeleine Corporation are presently working on a Room 101 prototype should the government documentary fail.

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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