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stephen birch

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Re: stephen birch

Post by TMH on 23.10.13 19:44

plebgate wrote:With the police investigation ongoing, would they be allowed to dig now?

I know it's private land, but turning the event into a media circus when the police are investigating doesn't sound right especially as it is a little girl's remains he says he can find.

I hope he is not allowed to do it, if it is to be done it should be done by the police with a tent put up and media not allowed within a mile radius.

I totally agree! If it's going to be done, it shouldn't be in a media glare with a helicopter hovering around. It should be done in private

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Re: stephen birch

Post by Guest on 23.10.13 19:55

Then Birch wouldn't be able to sell the transmission rights to "billions" of people ...
I think, I've known people like him, more than one in my long life.

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Re: stephen birch

Post by lj on 24.10.13 6:35

tigger wrote:
Châtelaine wrote:He doesn't have "hard" evidence. At best he has GPR pictures, which show that the ground there [if it/he was there] has been disturbed. Those pictures indicate a disturbance at 45-60 cm. That is shallow. No cadaver dog, earning his name, would have missed that even if there were a pile of rubbish on top. There are quite a couple of well documented cases, where those dogs smelled straight through meters of material, concrete and even decaying animal waist.
The images  can be from just about anywhere. To believe they're from Murat's garden would mean also to believe that Birch took a machine the size of a small lawn mower through customs, managed to take it over the wall, unnoticed by Murat's dogs and did a survey in the dark. 
Then had these images viewed by six experts (in what he doesn't state) who are too shy to write and sign a report. 

I've been spotting more and more flying pigs in every topic so far.
I noticed that too big grin 

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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