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Satellite Images?

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Satellite Images?

Post by gbwales on 19.09.13 15:08

Found something very interesting/intriguing when I was over at having a browse.

I was looking at the 'Wikileaks' page - - and found a few references to the possible existence of satellite photos, which GA seemed interested in...


About a quarter of the way down the (long) page:
Article title...
"Gonçalo Amaral expects Wikileaks to divulge the satellite images, 14 December 2010"
This text...
Gonçalo Amaral also expects for Wikileaks to be able to get "the long awaited for satellite images". 


Next article down:
Article title...
"Gonçalo Amaral recalls that the British and Portuguese authorities cooperated in the investigation, 14 December 2010"

Pedro Mourinho (P.M.) - SIC Notícias Anchor (Portuguese 24/7 News Channel) 
Gonçalo Amaral (G.A.) - the former Judiciary Police inspector, coordinator of the Madeleine McCann investigation until October 2007
(*14-Dec-2010, With thanks to Joana Morais for transcript/translation)

This text… (snipped)
G.A. - As I said before, the investigation is an investigation that is interrupted, an investigation that needs to be concluded. I believe that it is possible to make progress, if it wasn't for lack of political will; now with political will, based on this note - which is only a note as you said, but remains an important note nevertheless between two ambassadors, from one ambassador to the US State Department, that must have the weight that it has. Hopefully now, it will also be disclosed those photos, those satellite images that we believe to be in the possession of the US authorities, that we, the Portuguese police mentioned first, and also requested, a request that was denied to us.

P.M. - In your understanding, what could those satellite images reveal?

G.A. - They can reveal who was the person that carried the child on that night on its way to the beach. According to an Irish couple's statement, with an alleged 80% certainty, it was Gerald McCann himself. That could be the confirmation of that Irish couple's statement.

P.M. - And those images exist?

G.A. - We believe that, yes. In fact, the McCann couple themselves, said, a few months ago, that they also searched for them; that they don't exist, someone else later stated that they don't exist. It's possible that the site that has divulged the cable might also be able to release those images. That would be interesting.

P.M. - In your opinion, if they exist, why weren't they yet revealed?

G.A. - Well, probably because they are a secret of state somewhere... In fact, the whole investigation was a state secret in England. I remind you that there is documentation in that sense, referring that it is a state secret. We do not understand why it is considered as a state secret. In question is the disappearance, and the likely death of a child, and we still fail to understand why that is considered as state secrecy. 


Approx halfway down the page:

"Back to the Maddie case, 15 December 2010"

(Back to the Maddie case - from Correio da Manhã)

By Eduardo Dâmaso, assistant director
15 December 2010
Thanks to Joana Morais for translation

What is the worth of the WikiLeaks disclosure in the Maddie case? It is truly worthy. Firstly, in the foreground, it shows that the British police were convinced as to the credibility of the evidence that involved the parents in the disappearance. After that, the matter was then the subject of a conversation, at State diplomatic level, between England and the USA.

In other words, and for reasons that remain unclear and which may be related to some work by Gerry McCann for the British government, the issue had a clear political dimension. It was a dossier that was managed with all political care, as can be understood by reference to the "secrecy" that the matter demanded from the British.

Today, one can also realise the lack of credibility in the information provided by the U.S. to the request of the investigation regarding the images collected by a U.S. satellite positioned to the south of Portugal and North Africa. At the time, the Americans confirmed the positioning of the satellite, but said that on the night of the disappearance it was directed toward Africa, and therefore, it could not have seen a man carrying a child, which later was said by a witness to be Maddie's father.

If the McCanns truly wished to reopen the case, now would be a good time. But is it really their convenience to face the facts? It doesn't seem to be...


I have no idea from the above how far this topic has further developed, if at all - and of course whether any such imagery, if it did exist, would genuinely be able to give GA the detail and specificity he needs. How far apart (in time) is each frame shot for instance?

If it *does* exist, then satellite imagery might also shed light on other things…

• Maybe confirming particular visits to apartments?
• Perhaps Jane Tanner could finally discover which side of the street she was on?
• And maybe we would see there was no abductor. Or perhaps there was and that amazingly - out of his dozen or so possible heads - he was wearing the Eggman head that evening…?

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Re: Satellite Images?

Post by Guest on 19.09.13 15:22

Yes, according to GA those images were denied to them and said to be pointing at Morocco, however this story then appeared much, much later on........

Report: Satellite photos may provide answers in Madeleine McCann case

October 17, 2009

The U.K.’s Sunday Express reports it has intervened in the search for missing Madeleine McCann, prompting officials to request satellite images from “US spy chiefs.”

According to the Sunday edition report, the Leicestershire Police have never requested satellite views of Praia da Luz, Portugal, where the little girl disappeared over two years ago.

A source with the Portuguese police told the Express that “We know U.S. spy satellites regularly sweep over Portugal looking at military installations and government facilities.”

The source continued, “So we thought they might actually have image of Praia da Luz on the day of the kidnapping and the preceding days.”
“We hoped spy images may have captured the kidnapper watching the apartment prior to the event or even on the day itself. Obviously, having a picture would have speeded up the apprehension of the offender,” said the source.

According to the Express, the Portuguese source said Leicestershire Police and British officials have been told about the situation and the Portuguese police are “…confident of getting progress because of Gordon Brown’s interest in the case and this apparent special relationship between Britain and the United States.”

The report indicates that Brown may speak directly to President Barack Obama about the issue to achieve cooperation in obtaining the satellite images.

The Express reports it filed a Freedom of Information request upon the U.S. Government’s National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Nonetheless, through a spokesperson, the agency told the Express “NGA does not provide imagery to private citizens or private companies. For reasons of national security we do not discuss specifics about what images we have or our capabilities.”

Madeleine, who would now be six-years-old, disappeared in May 2007, during a family vacation in Portugal.

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