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Missing Benitez Women's DNA Found

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Missing Benitez Women's DNA Found

Post by sallypelt on 27.08.13 22:14

Traces of blood belonging to a woman who went missing in the south of France have been found in a freezer used by her father.
Allison Benitez, 19, and her mother, Marie-Josee Benitez, 53, vanished following an argument with Fancisco Benitez who hanged himself after leaving a suicide note protesting innocence in their disappearance.
DNA belonging to the girl's mother has also been discovered in the family washing machine, focusing suspicion that Mr Benitez may have been involved in his family’s disappearance.

Read the full story here:


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Re: Missing Benitez Women's DNA Found

Post by aiyoyo on 28.08.13 5:49

Detectives in Perpignan have also revealed that after his wife and daughter went missing, Mr Benitez washed carpets and took the freezer to his army barracks to be scoured clean.

Although emptied and scrubbed from top to bottom, minute traces of blood belonging to his daughter have been found.
So professionally cleaned...still...

Took his own life but wouldn't/didnt confess .....? What has he got to lose? Strange one.


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