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Textusa: New career opportunities (for disruptors)

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Textusa: New career opportunities (for disruptors)

Post by tigger on 16.08.13 14:16

This  is an edited version of the link below, I found it most interesting the first time round and no less so this time. Textusa’s style is hard to read, purposely so I gather, so I’ve indicated where it’s snipped by inserting brackets. Textusa referes to a media management company called Setestrelas - see explanation at the end.


Textusa refers to a long article on reputation management and a new media industry that has sprang up around it, referred in Correio da Manha ’s news article -   the birth of that  new profession: the disrupter.


Someone whose job is to hover like a vulture over the internet, looking over social networks, websites and blogs so they can, thorough spam commenting, alter the readers’ opinion and undermine the credibility of both content and authorship.


New Career Opportunities
June 9th 2012


Saturday, June 2nd, 2012, Correio da Manha published a piece of news that I think to be of the greatest importance, if not of an historic one.


Who envies a disrupter? No one, not even whoever is paying. The clients may be guinely grateful for the services provided, but one only envies one who one wishes one could be, and no one wishes to be a disrupter.
Unless one has a really low self-esteem and one wishes to be vindictive to society ..
A hacker invents, introduces and spreads a computer virus, while the disrupter is the virus himself.


The other novelty from this piece of news is the need for such a business to have been created. [..]  So there was a need felt for the existence of disrupters so that such a business was set up. [..]


Up to now, the ‘opinion makers’ owned the ‘opinion’ and because they owned it, they owned the ‘truth’.
That stopped being so from the moment you, the common citizen, were able to intervene in real time. [..]
-   thus the need for a professional disrupter.


Someone paid to make you turn away from your own convictions. If these aren’t yet cemented in, they’ll go about it by simple persuasion, but if these are already deeply set in they’ll resort to the only thing they can which is to bully you away from other readers before you contaminate them. [..]
So if they can’t silence you by reason, they will tire you out methodically, relentlessly and most of all efficiently.
And isf that fails then they will tire out [..] all those around you away from you, thus the need for a professional disrupter. [..]
- do you remember how much time you wasted discussing, neglect, discussing the sole guilt of the T9, assuming for certain the Tapas dinenrs? Freemasonry, scientific experimentation ...All the brilliant work of extremely well directd spam-commenting and spam blogging.


In the Maddie Affair we’ve all always suspected that there were people being paid by the Black Hats to disrupt the various Maddie Affair sites.


Many blogs, including ourselves, have written about the strangely illogical quantity of ‘Pros’. [..] We took them to be mercenaries, hired freelancers with little or no moral values or scruples.
But the CM article proves that reality is totally and completely different.


Setestrelas is a fully set-up legal commercial company.
I’m not making any sort of connection between Setestrelas and the Maddie Affair as there isn’t apparently one. but we’re saying that some British ‘Setestrelas’ types of company are certainly involved in it.


However, one can’t discard the possibility of Setestrelas itself having been hired by the Black Hats to disrupt in Portugal. It would certainly help to explain the inexplicable ‘Pro’ comments in Portuguese that appear from time to time.


By social-networks we’re inlcuding, besides the various profitless blogs and forums, also the online newspapers where popular comments are allowed.


The disrupter targets only wherever the common citizen may provide his/her opinion.
With the advent of the computer, the hacker was born. With the social networking, we have the disrupter.


It would be deeply insulting to hackers to make any sort of analogy between both. One requires brains, creativity and excellence, the other just the ability to write.




Snippets to make it clearer what Textusa is talking about: a  company called Setestrelas who provide a service in  ‘reputation analysis’.
They were hired by a company called ‘Ongoing’ to ‘influence’ the reputation of one of their competitors. To achieve this they did the following:


Interventions with objectives:
inserted approx. 15000 comments in one of it’s interventions. This to avoid some negative comments that could harm the media reputation of the Client.


Retainer services with Ongoing:
Setestrelas has a montly retainer service with Ongoing of 10.000 euros.


Delete Comments.
In one of the reports Setesetrelas advances as an objective the eleimination of negative comments from ‘the comments first page’ of a site.





Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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Re: Textusa: New career opportunities (for disruptors)

Post by tigger on 16.08.13 14:35

From the topic Transcript of the Lorraine Kelly interview  April 2011.

 KM: Absolutely and particularly in the early weeks and months, you know, I wasn’t expecting it because all I can see, you know, our daughter’s been taken and she’s been subjected to something terrifying and that’s the most important thing so for people to start you know, shouting as us when really we needed to keep the focus on Madeleine ...

LK: Of course, absolutely

KM: But having said that I mean I think there’s just a small minority now and you know there’s a certain group out there who, this is their job really, is to pick on a vulnerable family and I’m sure after us they’ll move onto another family and...

Interesting that here Maddie's been subjected to something terrifying (although there's no evidence of any harm).  The transcript is well worth reading again.

Mainly posted this snippet as it seems to refer to the above practise or internet disruptors or anti-McCanns and Kate says quite off-hand that it's their job.

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Re: Textusa: New career opportunities (for disruptors)

Post by PeterMac on 16.08.13 16:26

Their "job" !
Just as it other people's "job" to keep an eye on what people are thinking.
The Ministry of Truth for example.
The whole business of "if you do not believe me - you are a foul troll, and I shall sue you and put you in prison"
is very similar to the Communist "If you do not believe that our system is the best and the only proper one, you are clearly mentally ill and should be locked up for that reason alone."
There are clearly people on many of the blog sites who do have serious mental health issues, - coprolalia, and Tourettes, to mention but two - quite apart from total lack of anything else in their lives but to force their un=evidenced opinions down everyone else's broadband.
Luckily we can tell most of them a mile off.



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Re: Textusa: New career opportunities (for disruptors)

Post by russiandoll on 13.10.13 4:57

October 2013

Watching Crimewatch

Sometimes one has to sit back and watch.

This week we won’t post as usual.

We will just sit back and watch.

We just hope the watch is worth the wait and that Redwood, also known as the "Jill Dando's  SY detective", won't have us just revisiting the 2009 Mockumentary with a tuned-up 2013 Pimpleman now maybe seen by yet another witnessess.

For starters it's off on the wrong foot as it isn't going to air where potential witnesses are supposedly located, Portugal.

One has to wonder if it's the Portuguese who don't want to watch the British, (in case they received a proposal to that effect) or if it's the British who don't want to be watched by the Portuguese (in case a proposal wasn't made).

One could ask where in BBC one able to apply, under the principle of equal opportunities, to have a  shameless public laundering of one’s crime on national television. If that is an exclusive just for Black Hats.

But is it really a laundering? Well, one thing we're sure, if it isn't aired in Portugal, it's not meant for Portugal.

We're reminded of one fish saying to another "Isn't that worm so fat and scrumptious? Just stay there and watch me gobble it up!!

While we all wait to watch Crimewatch, it is worth watching this that was put in Jill Havern last night:
  [ which was the Wendy Murphy interview ]


             The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate,
contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and
~John F. Kennedy


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Re: Textusa: New career opportunities (for disruptors)

Post by tigger on 13.10.13 7:24

Interventions with objectives:
inserting comments is one of the interventions. This to avoid some negative comments that could harm the media reputation of the Client.

Delete Comments.
elimination of negative comments from ‘the comments first page’ of a site.

Imo we've seen this tactic escalating in the last few months. In particular I've noticed more comments about the almost biblical suffering of the McCanns and a few about understandable neglect.
The organised comments follow a pattern. Yahoo seems to be least affected.  DM comments lately have become far more pro imo.
As a job it has much to recommend it, work from home and flexible working hours.

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