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Another tragedy unfolding

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Another tragedy unfolding

Post by PeterMac on 05.08.13 17:41
A man whose wife and daughter are missing has been found hanged after leaving a suicide note protesting his innocence.
Francisco Benitez was found dead at his workplace in Perpignan, southern France, on Monday morning.
His daughter Allison, 19, and wife Marie-Josee Benitez, 53, have not been seen since July 14, when the two of them left home after an argument with Mr Benitez - which he told police about.
Allison and Marie Benitez have been missing since mid-July.
Officers found a letter next to Mr Benitez 's body at the barracks of the French Foreign Legion where he worked as a recruitment officer in Perpignan, proclaiming his innocence.
According to local media reports, he was wearing his military uniform. He also left information on who to contact and said that he wanted to be cremated in the note.
Mr Benitez's suicide came just a day after he gave an emotional interview to Paris Match, saying his daughter was "his life" and she would "never leave like that without giving news, it is impossible".
Sobbing throughout he told the magazine, they were "a family like any other, with ups and downs".
He also responded to "violent attacks" on the internet connecting him to the disappearances. "The hardest thing is to read what people comment without knowing our private lives," he said.
Mr Benitez and his wife were in the process of separating when she and her daughter disappeared in mid-July, but it had been agreed that the two women would move in together and the father would pay the rent.
Mother and daughter have not been in touch with any relatives nor used their credit cards or bank accounts since going missing. Their mobile phones cut off on trying to contact them and they have not posted anything on their social media accounts.
All this has prompted concern from investigators and a criminal case has been opened.
Allison had reportedly been preparing for months for the local 'Miss Roussillon' beauty contest, to be held on 11 August, but did not attend a meeting about it on July 15, French media network Europe 1 reported.
Police are continuing to search for the pair and a family computer has apparently been seized as part of the investigation.

The pattern repeats itself, every time, in almost exactly the same way.
You don't even have to be a cop to work this one out.



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