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Talented Dog Coco Sniffing Out Illegal Drugs In North East NHS Wards

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Talented Dog Coco Sniffing Out Illegal Drugs In North East NHS Wards

Post by sharonl on Fri 2 Aug - 22:35

Talented Dog Coco Sniffing Out Illegal Drugs In North East NHS Wards
By Andy Hughes   Location: Gosforth

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Coco the spaniel has landed herself a new job – to sniff out illegal drugs in a Newcastle hospital.

The police-trained dog has been employed by Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust.

Based at St Nicholas Hospital in Gosforth, which takes care of those suffering from mental health problems, Coco and her handler John McCarroll make the rounds preventing patiens, visitors and even staff misusing illegal drugs.

Health bosses say Coco was brought in because previously it could take up two weeks to organise a search if they suspected someone was using or hiding drugs.

But Coco, who is specially trained to pick up the scent of all Class A and B drugs, can conduct a search immediately.

Coco also acts as a "pets as therapy" dog for elderly and very young patients.

A dog’s sense of smell is more than 1,000 times as powerful than a human being’s, and the moisture on their noses helps trap tiny scent particles.

Gary O'Hare, director of nursing and operations at the trust which covers seven hospitals, said Coco and her handler John McCarroll have been "excellent additions to our staff teams".

He said: "They will ensure we can continue to offer a safe and supportive environment for those receiving treatment, whilst giving people the confidence to report anything they find suspicious, either in our buildings or anywhere in our grounds."

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Re: Talented Dog Coco Sniffing Out Illegal Drugs In North East NHS Wards

Post by plebgate on Sat 3 Aug - 9:45

Just how much lower can UK sink?

Well done Coco and handler, but that they are needed speaks volumes about the way this country has gone to the dogs. (pun intended)smilie 


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