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Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

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Re: Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

Post by windchime on 11.08.13 17:24

Do you think this is why she didn't (couldn't) answer the 48 questions put to her and why she just muttered swear words under her breath because she was terrified of the consequences and because she did not have the person who controls her near to her so early on. Perhaps she is now finding a little more strength daily and eventually she will break and as you say it will all come out? Who knows, but I have to agree she is a broken woman while I see no evidence of grief from GM, just a man who has found fame and seems to love every second of it.

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Re: Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

Post by PeterMac on 11.08.13 17:51

@Hobs wrote:
When someone confesses it is as if a weight has lifted from their shoulders, there is a huge sense of relief, the worst bit is over.
I saw this many times. They are actually 'happy' to confess, even though they know they are going to prison,
because from that moment on they are no longer being controlled by something they do not fully understand.
A person in this position never knows what the police know. never knows what other people have said, and that stress can be unbearable.

(Look at their faces in that recent photo to see what I mean.  They did not show those faces in the first few days when Madeleine was missing, only years later when the stress had etched itself deep into their souls)

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" />



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Re: Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

Post by Hobs on 11.08.13 18:30

They are in a prison of their own making.

Criminals who aren't caught aren't ever free in the way that we are.

Every day they wake up wondering if today is they day they hear the knock on the door.

Every day is wondering who is watching them, worrying their secret is writ upon their face and those around them can see it.

Everyday the fear of the unexpected knock on the door, or the frission of terror every time the phone rings.

Every tv program will have something in it that reminds the criminal of their crime.

The fear of wondering if their phones are tapped, their emails intercepted, wondering if their family or friends are wearing a wire,  paranoia the house and car are bugged.

Imagine walking in a busy street wondering if anyone they pass is a private eye or undercover cop.

The constant worry of did they leave anything incriminating, did they hide the body well enough.

All the crime programmes showing how killers were caught, how the simplest of mistakes or the tiniest of fibres was enough to catch the killer.

Cleaning becomes an obsession, did they remove all traces of the victim, any  blood or DNA evidence, did they move the body fast enough as those damn cadaver dogs can indicate if therer was a body there.

The constant questions from media about the case, the questions from LE, the press conference when everyone knows LE are watching for the slightest hint of guilt.

The constant lying and then remembering who you told what lie and when.

Every day the same fears, worries and building paranoia.

If you confided your secret to someone or  you had an accomplice, can they be trusted to stay silent?
What if they are offered a deal, what about reward money?

Seeing the faces of your victims family pleading for information, they are talking to you, they know.

Then at night when you crave sleep, you fear the dreams you get, you relive the crime, did you miss something, will they knock on the door at some ungodly hour.

No wonder it is a relief when they get arrested and confess.

There is no more worrying, no more paranoia, no more fear.

it is no longer a secret, the truth is out, you know now what is going to happen be it jail or death.

You know what is coming and better yet you aren't facing it alone.
You have lawyers who will defend you no matter how bad the crime.
They can mitigate.

The unknown is now known.

Nothing can be as bad as you imagined, and, if you confess and have darn good lawyers, you might even get a sentence you can live with, perhaps even a chance of parole.
there is no more hiding.

It is the secret that is killing you, the unknown future.

Once you make the decision to confess, it is out in the open, it can be dealt with, resolved.

Your family and friends may even support you though the trust may never return.

Heck even the public can be forgiving once the facts are known, the mitigation (although it can also depend on the crime)

The self inflicted prison of the mind is far worse than an actual prison.

You cannot escape the prison of your mind until you confess, once you confess you are mentally liberated, you can begin to move on, repent and perhaps, begin to heal.

A prison confines only your body, your mind is free to travel, to blossom, the mental prison only gets tighter and smaller, confining your thoughts till you see only darkness, there is no escape, no windows, no door. just you alone with your guilty thoughts, tightening their hold till you become a shell, a shadow of what you once were.
the internal stress writ large upon ones face,the weight of guilt pressing down on your shoulders till you can't stand straight, hunched over looking at the ground for fear that to look someone in the eye they will see your dirty little secret.
You may be able to deceive others, you can never deceive yourself.
people can read your body and see the truth, we can hear your deception and know the truth, there is no escape.

No wonder the moment they say i did it, or i want to talk, they breathe a huge sigh of relief.

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Re: Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

Post by lj on 11.08.13 18:37

@marconi wrote:
@PeterMac wrote:
@marconi wrote:I believe the breakthrough is about to happen and it will come from Algarve. From somebody who took part in the disappearance, helping hiding the body.Or at least knowing where the body is.
When it happens in Algarve, arrests will be made in the UK too.
 And there is also the possiblity that new witnesses evidence is coming from Tapas 7, that prefers being  witnesses than  suspects.
They must be fed up of helping the McCanns.
I hope you are right, but do you have anything more than just a 'belief' to go on.  Have you spotted other signs ?
 No, Petermac, unfortunately I didn't, but it is a question of reasoning.Portugal accepts again the Yard, this time an investigation,  and I don't believe its detectives are going there only to waist their time. They know what they are doing, they are ready to promote some people from persons of interest to formal suspects and even to arrest them. I believe both police are ready for this step.
Apart from signs, is there any reference for all these things you state as a certainty?

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

Post by Maggs Shaw on 12.08.13 8:41

How to keep the pretense going? - announce another 'sighting' of Maddy.  The sightings usually correspond with some other important news item.  I would like to know why Kate and Gerry are given preferential treatment?
Maggs Shaw

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Re: Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

Post by aiyoyo on 12.08.13 13:05

candyfloss wrote:You now have to subscribe to read the Sun.....   There is an article today which I cannot read accept for 2 lines....

Snared...fiend ‘let off’ by Maddie row cops

A FUGITIVE Brit sex offender was allowed to remain free by Portuguese cops — in a row over the Madeleine McCann probe.
Pervert Nigel Burnell had been on the run for three years after being convicted of serious
How strange that every sex offender on the run or in hiding is co-relate to Maccann's case; given that there's no evidence she was abducted. Moreover her parents are quite adamant there is no evidence she has been harmed!

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Re: Theresa May asks permission for Met to start Madeleine McCann inquiry in Portugal

Post by Tony Bennett on 12.08.13 13:42

@aiyoyo wrote:
candyfloss wrote:You now have to subscribe to read the Sun.....   There is an article today which I cannot read accept for 2 lines....

Snared...fiend ‘let off’ by Maddie row cops

A FUGITIVE Brit sex offender was allowed to remain free by Portuguese cops — in a row over the Madeleine McCann probe. Pervert Nigel Burnell had been on the run for three years after being convicted of serious...
How strange that every sex offender on the run or in hiding relates to the Madeleine McCann case...
 Burnell was released from prison on licence in the spring of 2010 and went on the run:

It is very hard to see how Nigel Burnell absconding in 2010 could possibly have relevance to the Madeleine McCann case, as she was rewported missing in 2007.

But it seems the Murdoch press is still at it.

Yet another headline in the British press that reinforces the very widely-held view that the Portuguese Police did everything wrong in the Madeleine McCann investigation - and are generally incompetent and not to be trusted.


Also, The People once named him as one of the '30 most wanted' British sex offenders:

Byline: Nick Dorman

THESE 30 men are the most wanted 'Most Wanted' may refer to:

Lists used by law enforcement agencies to alert the public, such as the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and FBI Most Wanted Terrorists
America's Most Wanted for sex crimes in Britain - and you can help bring them to justice.

Some of them have dodged justice for more than a decade and many are now thought to be scattered across the globe to dodge the attentions of police.

We obtained details of the UK's most wanted from the charity Crimestoppers which is hoping People readers can help bring them all to book.

Deputy Chief Executive for Crimestoppers Dave Cording said: "It is vitally important these men are brought to justice because there is no denying that some individuals may otherwise re-offend.

"Crimestoppers allows the public to pass on information anonymously because we don't want to know who you are, only what you know."

Our rogues' gallery are being hunted over a string of sickening crimes including child rape and forcing youngsters to watch pornography.

They hail from across the world but the crimes they are wanted for all took place in Britain over the past 20 years.

There are nearly 850 registered sex offenders on the run according to according to prep.

1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

3.  the Association of Chief Police Officers The Association of Chief Police Officers or ACPO is the lead organisation for developing police policy in the United Kingdom (except Scotland in times of national need, for example terrorist attacks, ACPO coordinates the strategic operational response. , who released the figure under freedom of information laws.

A reward of up to pounds 1,000 is available from Crimestoppers for information leading to an arrest and charge of any of the wanted men.

Our list includes men who vanished after signing the sex offenders' register upon conviction and those being sought after failing to show up to court.

Anyone given a jail sentence of 30 months or more for a sex crime is placed on the register for life. There are now more than 37,000 names on the list.

Those on the register must tell police if they change their address and can be subject to regular checks and travel restrictions.

Separate figures reveal 57 registered sex offenders were charged with a further offence last year.

From next year sex offenders put on the register for life will be able to appeal to have their name removed, following a human rights ruling. At the same time, ministers have pledged to impose closer checks and close legal loopholes.

In future sex offenders will have to inform officers if they begin living with a child under the age of 18, and if they change their name by deed poll DEED POLL, contracts. A deed made by one party only is not indented, but polled or shaved quite even, and is, for this reason, called a deed poll, or single deed. Co. Litt. 299, a.2.

IF you recognise any of these men or have information call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or visit

Kaci Mohamed

HAS been wanted since June 2010 when he failed to show at Kingston Crown Court, Surrey, on a sexual assault rap following an attack in London.

Abdul Bieeu

VANISHED before crown court hearings for a 2010 rape in Littlehampton, West Sussex. In his mid 20s he uses aliases Marney Bieeu, Marney Rafah, Abdel Sadik and Abdel Saiq.

Fakhradin Rezabakshs

WANTED in connection with the kidnap and rape of a woman in a Bristol park in November 2008. Believed to be using a different name.

Godfrey Ngoga

UGANDAN is accused of sexually assaulted a woman in Reading, Berks, in January 2010. Ngoga, in his 30s, was arrested but failed to turn up to court and has not been seen since.

Abdi Ismail

WANTED for the serious sex assault of a 19-yearold woman who was attacked after being picked up by a cab in Cardiff in 2010. Ismail, 38, has links to London and Northampton.

Samuel Makinde

SOUGHT in connection with a rape in Oxford on 15 December 2009. Makinde, 32, has a strong Nigerian accent. He skipped nbail last February and may have fled to London.

Michael Kiberu

ACCUSED of raping a woman he met in an Oxford club in July 2009. Illegal immigrant illegal immigrant n. an alien (non-citizen) who has entered the United States without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa. (See: alien)  from Uganda Kiberu, 34, is a big Arsenal fan. Uses aliases Michael and Paul BUKA.

Tel Douglas

WANTED over a 2007 rape in Barnet, north London, after he failed to show for a hearing at Harrow Crown Court. Has been on the run and missing ever since.

Daniel Griffiths

KNOWN as 'Dan the Man', he is sought over sex offences against children in Sunbury-upon-Thames, Surrey. Failed to answer bail three years ago. May be in Devon or Cornwall.

Nigel Burnell

GOT three years for a serious sex offence in South Wales but failed to comply with the terms of his early prison release, Burnell, 47, is believed to have fled to the Algarve.

Modasser Hossain

WANTED since February 2009, Hossain, 35, failed to appear for charges over a sex attack in Shoreditch at Snaresbrook Crown Court, east London.

Mohamed Fondi

BREACHED the terms of his release from prison on licence six years ago after a conviction for a sex attack in London. Has been known to use the alias Muhamed MIJLEH.

Roger Saunders

ON the run for more than six years from the Isle of Man Noun 1. Isle of Man - one of the British Isles in the Irish Sea

British Isles - Great Britain and Ireland and adjacent islands in the north Atlantic  after failing to appear for possessing child porn. Saunders, 65, has dual nationality An equal claim, simultaneously possessed by two nations, to the allegiance of an individual.

This term is frequently perceived as synonymous with dual citizenship, but the latter term encompasses the concept of state and federal citizenship enjoyed by persons who are born or  and a Canadian passport.

Jeffrey Redman-Armstrong

pedophile  from Derby who went on the run after he was released from jail in May 2011. Failed to report to police since last September.

Jason Waller

CONVICTED paedophile has been missing for three years since release from prison. Waller, 33, speaks with a West Country accent. He is classed as "very high risk".

Mohammed Shafiq

DROVE a woman to his home in Humberside. When she refused to go inside he dragged her in and raped her. Skipped bail and was found guilty in his absence and jailed for 10 years.

Jiedrus Budrys

BELIEVED to be a Lithuanian immigrant, he went on the run after being summoned to appear before Bexleyheath JPs accused of flashing in Welling, Kent, in 2006.

Stephen Clare

WENT AWOL after failing to comply with terms of the sex offenders' register. Has sported a ponytail, worked as a photographer and is feared to be living abroad.

Sirazul Islam

WANTED after a woman walking her dog was sexually assaulted and dragged towards bushes in a park in St Leonards, East Sussex, last February. Bangladeshi, Islam, is in his late 20s.

Mohammed Rafique

WANTED for alleged rape of a seven-yearold girl in Cowley, Oxford, since 2008. Arrested and interviewed but fled on bail. Believed to be in Birmingham area.

Richard Burrows

VANISHED after he was accused of sex attacks on vulnerable boys in the 1980s at a kids care home in Congleton, Cheshire. Skipped his 1998 trial. May be in Sutton Colfield, W Mids.

Sodor Alom

WAS working as a chef when charged over a January 2011 rape in Newport, south Wales. He vanished before a plea hearing at Cardiff Crown Court Cardiff Crown Court is a historic building situated in Cardiff's Civic Centre, Cathays Park.  in August 2011.

Dariusz Glowacki

ON the run in Britain Polish brothers Dariusz, 33, and Wojciech Glowacki, 29, are both wanted for raping a young girl. They are thought to be in London.

Hussein Warsame

WANTED for indecent assault on a girl under 14 in Mitcham, south West London South West London could mean:
South West (London Assembly constituency)
South West London Strategic Health Authority
SW sector of the London postal districts
South West London, an informal designation

Informal divisions of London , in 2003. He failed to appear at Kingston Crown Court and has been missing ever since.

Christopher Birch

SKIPPED bail on four charges of rape and one of forcing a child to look at porn at Portsmouth Crown Court last June. Thought to have fled to Spain.

Fatah Benlardj

ALLEGED to have raped a girl of seven in 2007 in Manchester after befriending her mother. Algerian Benlardj, 34, fled Britain and is now thought to be living on the run in Spain.

Mohammed Ramzan

WANTED for the rape of a woman in Crawley, West Sussex in March 1999. Forensic evidence linked Ramzan to the crime but he disappeared. Thought to have been in Liverpool.

Ion Gheorghe

THOUGHT to be Romanian and wanted for indecent exposure indecent exposure n. the crime of displaying one's genitalia to one or more other people in a public place, usually with the apparent intent to shock the unsuspecting viewer and give the exposer a sexual charge.  after a flashing incident in Bow, east London, five years ago. Failed to appear at Enfield Magistrates' Court.

Samson Ogunjedi

HAS been wanted for almost six years after failing to appear at Woolwich Crown Court Woolwich Crown Court, located at 2 Belmarsh Road, Thamesmead is one of twelve Crown Courts serving Greater London.

It stands adjacent to both HM Prison Belmarsh and Belmarsh Magistrate's Court.  over an indecent assault in Bexleyheath, south London in 2006. Believed to be from Nigeria.

Daniel Anghel

SEX offender sex offender n. generic term for all persons convicted of crimes involving sex, including rape, molestation, sexual harassment and pornography production or distribution.  went home to native Romania but came back to Britain in December. Has not checked in with police at Gravesend, Kent, or returned to his home.


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very soon regreting

Post by marconi on 13.08.13 0:57

Three weeks after the disappearance, Gerry was already showing his regret about the involvement of the media in the case,saying that it was taking long, that he expect it to slow down,  and  at the end of July he showed it again, in Edinburgh.
The British tabloids were hoping for substitutes for Diana, Charles and Camilla and they found the McCanns.
They again started to sell.
How could the McCanns expect that it would last longer than six years, and  that the real story has yet to come!


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