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Update from Prof. Stanley Collymore via Good Quality Wristbands Blogspot

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Update from Prof. Stanley Collymore via Good Quality Wristbands Blogspot

Post by scrants on 13.07.13 19:35

I saw this today after going to the now defunct blog Good Quality Wristbands.  The original article was written in 2011

[b style="text-align: left; "]Update Friday 5 July 2013. [/b]So the Metropolitan Police is to launch a formal investigation into the alleged disappearance of Madeleine McCann notwithstanding thatPortugal, when I last checked, wasn’t physically part of the UK and is out of any UK police jurisdiction. Let’s be blunt here; this is a Met scam and a populist enterprise driven from the top of our political elite to divert attention away from what really happened on the part of our largely intellectually challenged and educationally dumbed down public.

Let me categorically state the view I’ve always held from the start of this elaborate fiasco and con-artist endeavour. This girl is dead; and any self-respecting, intelligent person knows that, just as they’re equally aware who is responsible for her death. A view also held by the Portuguese police where this crime was carried out. But just like Lord Lucan there are powerful and influential persons behind the scenes pulling strings to hoodwink the public with this ongoing and elaborate financial farce perpetrated by the Met’s Orwellian control dogs at the behest of a political pigs elite in our British Orwellian version of Animal Farm.

Ironic isn’t it that with the murder of Stephen Lawrence and that carried out by Lord Lucan both of which took place on the Met’s patch, it took 19 years of frustration, smears against the Lawrence family and the wilful perversion of the course of justice by the Met and other police officers for partial justice to be delivered to Stephen, his family and supporters while Lord Lucan from day one has roamed freely. Is this incompetence or corruption by the Met Police?  My view is, it’s both interspersed with racism and criminality.

We know that senior Met officers were in the financial pockets of one of Stephen’s killers’ gang father. And how come Interpol with a supposed global warrant out for Lord Lucan couldn’t find him? The answer: Interpol was briefed by the Metropolitan Police to go through the motions but turn a blind eye to Lord Lucan’s whereabouts which they knew of. Now the Met is assiduously endeavouring to con the British public and the world at large that Madeleine is alive, and on the spurious Zionist pretext that if you tell a lie loudly and often enough there are always significant numbers of morons who will believe you.

And many in this case do; for the narrative was deliberately switched from the logical occurrences that obviously took place in Portugal to a fantasy one about a kidnapping that never took place and for all the reasons I outlined in a previous article; not dissimilar from the Edward Snowden revelations and the Skyjacking of Evo Morales plane over Europe. A situation where the toadying western media, their useful idiot presenters and pundits have deliberately avoided the real issues but instead concentrate on fake ones.

So there’s no forensic public analysis of what really happened to Madeleine in Portugal or even why; instead we hear that she was blue-eyed, blonde and adorable, as if that should mean fuck all in a country where most of us aren’t. But you can see where these disinformants are coming from and why they’re doing what they’re up to. Even in the Nordic countries less than 33% of their public is blonde or blue-eyed. Recently a white British female from Birmingham was jailed for the sickeningly horrific brutality and eventual murder of her “adorable” young son that the experts in social services and even the trial judge said was one of the worst cases they’d come across and by a mother who was utterly manipulative and cunning in every way. She was working class white tough!

No one I’ve spoken to or interviewed can understand the Met and Downing Street’s obsession with Madeleine to the exclusion of every other child that has gone missing, and I stress, in the UK; and the general consensus is that behind the scenes there are influential persons pulling the strings to wilfully confuse the issue and pervert the course of justice. The Lawrences and their grassroots supporters understandably organized a campaign to get justice for Stephen when none was forthcoming from the Met, but at no time did they resort to hiring a PR firm to exculpate their supposed guilt in Stephen’s murder when the police, as we all now know, was investigating them rather than bringing Stephen’s known killers to justice unlike some others that we all know enthusiastically but seemingly non-grief-stricken happily went down this path and still do.

And when the likes of Norman Bettison ex Chief Constable of West Yorkshire, deeply implicit in the Hillsborough cover up, promoted after that incident and is now known to be instrumental in the smear campaign against the Lawrences and their supporters, can voluntary retire and walk away with a fat untouched pension it just goes to show how corrupt our police forces are, and especially so at the head of this Aegean stable. If the aptly surnamed Cressida Dick of the Met was the hotshot cop she’s made out to be instead of, in my view, the token testosterone driven madam like all of her sort that are placed in the misogynistic male world of business, the police or whatever to fraudulently give the impression that women have broken through the proverbial glass ceiling of male dominance, she would take her corrupt male colleagues to task, have them investigated, charged for their heinous crimes and jailed.

But why should she when she wants to demonstrate how much she’s one of the boys! That’s why the likes of Norman Bettison can retire with their fat pensions intact and other odiously corrupt scallywags like John Yates can saunter off with the blessing of the Met and Downing Street to Bahrain to take over from Ian Henderson and there organise torture and murder to deny Bahrainis striving for the same democracy etc that our lying PM and parliamentarians preach to the world but don’t practise themselves. So don’t hold your breath that Cressida Dick will Boadicea-like come to the rescue of law and order in England; for she hasn’t got it in her.

As for the 38 leads the Met says it has on the Madeleine case, give me a break! They have over 150 concrete instances of current paedophiles working at or connected with the BBC, have done bugger all about these and don’t intend to. Madeleine McCann is dead; and until a live body and irrefutable DNA is provided to the contrary that the individual presented is who these charlatans claim she is that is the view I shall logically hold. What other people think is a matter for them; but I shan’t join the cynically manipulated throng of the blonde-haired, blue eyed groupie morons who can’t think for themselves and need someone else to do that for them. I have a perfectly functioning brain in my head thank you!

Finally, just imagine what the furore from all these double-standard hypocrites, vested interest cretins and useful idiots across the UK would be if the Jamaican Police, those from CARICOM or even the black Commonwealth arrogantly and arbitrarily sought to do what the Met police is doing vis-à-vis Portugal and decided just as contemptuously to carry out a formal investigation into the Metropolitan Police’s own handling of let’s say the Stephen Lawrence, Joy Gardner or Mark Duggan cases within the Met’s own backyard of London. We wouldn’t hear the last of it and everyone from David Cameron echoed by the other sheep in the Houses of Parliament and the media would be spitting fire and brimstone at what they saw as uppity Niggers!

But as we know from Animal Farm the dishonest concept that we’re all equal is a wonderful propaganda implement in hands of those exercising power and influence, like for instance the government, Home Office, their backers, the Metropolitan Police, media et al; but in reality some individuals and groups are evidently seen and treated as more equal than others. The current expenditure by the Metropolitan Police on this scam of theirs runs at £2million Sterling annually. No money to bring the rest of Stephen Lawrence’s known killers to justice for a crime which was committed in London but plenty to expend on this blatant farce and a rank travesty of justice.


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Re: Update from Prof. Stanley Collymore via Good Quality Wristbands Blogspot

Post by sheila.edwards on 13.07.13 20:00

All those who perverted the course of justice will be held to account, now full investigation continues in spin  case !


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