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an excuse for a whitewash?

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an excuse for a whitewash?

Post by cockerspaniel on 11.07.13 0:42

just came across this on The Times website from 2007, not subscribed so cant get the full article, but this makes interesting reading, tho im sure its probably been discussed on her a million times already ......just in case tho !

Please move/delete at will mods.

BTW..did they really say they rather she was found dead than be left in limbo, can anyone confirm this?

No body means no conviction of the McCanns, admits prosecutor

[b class="f-author"]David Brown in Praia da Luz and Patrick Foster[/b]
Published at 12:01AM, September 25 2007

The police case against Kate and Gerry McCann for killing their daughter appeared to be crumbling yesterday after a senior prosecutor said that Madeleine’s body must be found to secure a conviction.
The development came as the McCann family said that they expected to spend a year fighting to clear their names, and that they would rather Madeleine were found dead than be left in the “awful limbo” of not knowing her fate.

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