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The cost of the Scotland Yard investigation.

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The cost of the Scotland Yard investigation.

Post by Who?What?Where? on 06.07.13 2:03

On some thread's and also in the media, some people have mentioned the cost of this investigation as if it is exorbitant, in a recession. The cost is just an illusion.

This is the view from my perspective.

The last that I read about the SY review, the cost of the case, was at £4.5 Million.

That is a lottery winning sum to the vast majority of people and a sum of money that they and I, can only dream about.

The last that I read about David Cameron's wealth , it stood at £38 Million. He no longer has to dream. He is living the dream. £4.5 Million probably doesn't seem that big a sum to Cameron, especially as it is not paid out from his own pocket. It is paid for by the taxpayer's, who also pay for his wage's and pension plan.

Asking why the government should spend £4.5 Million on this case, in a recession, is missing the point.

Recession affect's the vast majority, but that is only because they are relatively poor, in comparison to the people who control the money. It does not affect the super rich. They have more than enough money to cope. They control the situation.

VAT at 20% in the UK!! Who would have thought, when it was introduced as a tax , at a much lower level, on non essential item's, that the government could ever get away with that level of taxation on almost everything?

Well, they have.

I hope they will disclose the real truth about Madeleine after all the money that they have spent.. It would at least be a start,.amongst all of the lies. They need to do it in a time-scale where the real perpetrator’s can be brought to some sort of meaningful justice. I don't trust any of them to do that, unfortunately.

Their position's seem too entrenched. Politician's these day's seem far too focussed on protecting what they think that they have accumulated , instead of just telling the truth.


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Well said!

Post by shellblue on 07.07.13 9:19


Are you a member of the Madeleine McCann Controversy group on Facebook?

Lots of like minded people there.

Best wishes


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