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Detective Agencies

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Detective Agencies

Post by Kepharel on 01.07.13 14:34

I sometimes wonder, when examining and discussing the detective agencies employed by the McCanns, whether the examination is being carried out on individual trees in the wood to the exclusion of the wood in its entirety viz. We can’t see the wood for the trees.
Whoever the McCann’s hired, shysters or no, were never going to provide the McCanns with anything useful…ever.  P.I’s work for their clients.  If your client asks you to follow up leads involving sightings of your daughter all across the globe then that is what you do.  What you never do is tell them it is a waste of time and, by the way, the probability is that she is dead, and you, the client, is responsible for her death.  No fees for that I would think.  From Kate McCann’s book:
With private investigations technically illegal in Portugal, we felt the closest we could get would be a firm from somewhere on the Iberian Peninsula which would have the advantage of familiarity with the local customs, culture etc etc…..We assembled all the source material we could for the investigators…. Making endless lists of potential witnesses…..and reported sightings of little girls….
The reason for terminating the contract was, bizarrely in my opinion, an overly optimistic view on when Madeleine would be found, given that Kate had thought up to then 'They had made great strides'.  That Metodo 3 was subsequently wound up following allegations of wire tapping is no indicator to me that this was a corrupt enterprise, just an unfortunate one.  Businesses hire detective agencies to spy on the opposition all the time; that is what detective agencies with corporate clients get hired for, only for the most part they don’t get caught.  In that sense Metodo 3 is no better or worse than the vast majority in their industry.
On the assumption that the McCanns know their daughter is dead, what would be the point in wasting money hiring P.I.’s.  Maybe it is because they are now in control of a fund that provides them with extraordinary personal benefits, and the ability to quash inconvenient theories and observations that paint them in a bad light. Also, fortuitously, by indulging in an activity that many assume anyway is the whole purpose of the fund, hiring detectives, then it could be seen to be a small price to pay.
For the McCanns, incompetent detectives are a gift from heaven.

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Re: Detective Agencies

Post by Guest on 01.07.13 14:48

My thoughts exactly. Nobody with any nasty little secrets will ever employ competent private detectives.

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