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"High Risk" Maddie McCann

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"High Risk" Maddie McCann

Post by Jill Havern on 01.04.10 11:21

posted by TTW4

Those underlined words in red just don't read right. I didn't know Maddie was a medium/high risk missing person whatever that is. Did you know that ..and what is a medium/high risk missing person anyway? 'missing people' the McCanns charity of choice on such matters seems to think Maddie is medium/high risk.

The McCanns recent run in Hyde Park was promoted by Paul Tuohy's charity 'missing people'. This event allowed us all to consider the possibility that Madeleine might now actually be dead. As to how Team McCann brought about this set of ideas wasn't very clever, and it was more than a little callous in it's execution dealing as it did with people whose dearest had been found in one sense or another dead.
A TV presenter, as if you couldn't tell, and for childrens TV too. Glumly telling of her dead and very missing boyfriend. Despite her tragic tale she seemed happy enough in front of the cameras.
Next up for the McCann media machine a real case this time, a case of a man who is now missing, and is eer also legaly dead as well.
Gerry McCann happily kicked off the event in style for Tuohy's charity. Gerrys bodyguard was there, you can just see him with his arms raised behind Gerry on the starting grid. The McCanns bodyguard was in his usual place about 3 steps behind the McCanns as they always are. Here in the first frame he can be seen advertising himself by stretching to the sky and then poking his head forwards and towards the camera to make sure we all saw him. Gerry in the process identified the camera with a quick point of his raised right arm.

Gerry then went into his usual press warm up routine. This consists of somehow incorpoating a pyramid gesture with his arms to the cameras, it's just a little habit of his I suppose, it's something Gerry always does when confronted with the press. This time the gesture was smoothly morphed into a quick rub of the hands. 7 out of 10, and certainly alot more convincing than some of his earlier efforts.
Paul Tuohy was always an ardent believer in the McCanns, and in their abduction. His fervour for them was all embracing this earnt him a trip on the McCanns jolly to Brussells to put a suggestion on Amber alert to the European assembly's agenda. Tuohy's head can just be seen behind Kate McCann's in this series of shots taken inside the EC assembly building. Kate McCann was at the same time putting it about that she wanted to adopt a professional role within the charity, as a 'Missing Childrens Ambassador'.
John McCann, Gerry McCanns brother, visited the offices of 'missing people' on the 25thof May 2007, just as they themselves were relaunching their brand. The irony of the timing was not lost on the smart Tuohy, "We are re-launching at a peculiarly ironic time - when the level of interest in missing people has perhaps never been higher, when 'missing' as a social issue is on the lips of politicians, radio and TV presenters, newspaper editors, and men, women and young people the length and breadth of the country."

Tuohy's charity on May the 25th 2007 released a press statement announcing that, "since Madeleine's abduction on 3rd May there had been 1,200 reports of missing young people", no mention if they were high risk or medium risk. Of John McCanns visit Paul Tuohy, said, "We are delighted that the McCann family feel able to recognise the importance of our work at such a difficult time for them."

The rebranding of 'missing people' perhaps tells us what Mr Tuoheys charity was doing in seeking out the suport of the McCanns. Paul Tuohy, the chief executive of Missing People, said the charity had changed it's name because it wanted to show it was more than just a helpline and to establish itself as the authoratitive voice on missing people. The McCanns case was an ideal accompanyment to his aims, it was as if this was a marriage made in heaven.

Tuohy said the change had been planned for a year and the timing, with one of the biggest missing person cases in UK history ongoing, was only co-incidental, "Madeleine's disappearance has been a wake-up call that missing is a social issue.Our charity offers support to around 2000 families each year and directly as a result of our work we find 10 missing people every week."

As to his aims for the charity with the McCanns onboard Tuohy said,"There isn't an authoritative voice on missing people in the UK and we need to appeal to the public in a way that we can also get more financial support. A lot of people think we have Government funding, nearly all of our money we need to fundraise.We had a turnover of £3m last year, which was our best ever year but if you compare that to Cancer Research, they do £450 million a year."

Paul Tuohy said they'd planned the relaunch and name change of his charity nearly a year prior to Maddies disappearence, so it was all just a coincidence that Madeleine disappeareed and within 3 weeks the Mccanns were knocking on his door. Luckily for the McCanns, Mr.Tuohy was there to welcome them in, after all it's a like he said, "We do £3 million a year and Cancer Research does £450 million." Mr Tuohy it seems wants to play with the big boys.

Only a short while after having made this statement 'missing people' was emboiled with the McCanns in helping to recruit former policemen from Manchester Metropolitan Police to work for the McCanns. A spokesman for GMP said of his force's involvement, "We were approached by the charity ('missing people') who asked us if we knew of any retiring or recently retired officers who could help with their inquiries. We have given them details of some eligible officers or former officers. As far as we are aware, no decision has been made by the charity, but we are not involved in the selection process." Mr Tuohy's charity couldn't do enough for the McCann's as to whether or not this sort of behaviour is normal, for a charity to act in this way on behalf of a member of the public, as there doesn't appear to be a precedent, it's very difficult to say.

I never realised that the world of childrens charities was so competitive or so cut throat. Mr Tuohy saw and continues to see the McCanns as a real blessing for his income, and of that there's no doubt, and perhaps Mr Tuohy has now answered the riddle as to what a high risk missing person is. A high risk missing person appears to be one that is either dead in one sense or another, or is good news for the promotion of Paul Tuohy's charity. As to which applies in Maddie's case the jury is still out, all but someone convened one in the first place.

Posted by THENTHEREWERE4 at Wednesday, March 31, 2010
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