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Child STEALING by UK Social Services

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by tigger on 04.07.13 9:16

I agree mostly with the above, however, I think democracy is an illusion and always has been. In countries where most people (usually small populations with few immigrants such as the Scandinavian countries) agree in general on most issues, it seems to work - for the most part imo democracy in the Western world no longer exists.

But Nature has a way of adjusting the balance, by real pandemics and by geological events. It has been said that civilsation exists at the discretion of geology.
It's thought that the simultaneous collapse of a large number of Middle Eastern countries around 1200 bc was brought about by the results of an 'earthquake storm' i.e. a chain of earthquakes over a period of 50 years or so. That would serve as a paradigm for the present world situation.
Cornell University has recently published an article stating that the next  Dead Sea transform event (fault line) is about 800 years overdue.
The next ice age is also slightly overdue but we may be in the opening stages of it right now. The US  is sitting on several faultlines and a super volcano which is also overdue.

Sounds like gloom and doom, but it's been part of mankind's history and I think mankind will continue just fine.

Meanwhile Mira2 is right, Blair having been in charge of ruining the country hasn't enriched himself enough yet. I've always thought - right from the start - that Blair was truly evil, charming, boyish, matey and as fake as you can get. An evil puppet who didn't even realise the NWO looked down on him. They could get him to do whatever they liked. His wife manipulated the Human Rights Act in such a way as to facilitate her husband's job of turning GB into the preferred destination of the worlds' sick, mad and lazy. A contagious disease as it turned out as it was a simple matter to double or treble the number of  state-dependent households.
Why were women encouraged to go to work? Why from the 80's onward did everyone have to have their own household? Why so many single occupant complete households?
More taxes, more money and a breaking-up of the family structure. Taking away children falls into that category. It's a Marxist ethos to alienate children from their source.

It's interesting that both Bush and Blair are imo religious fanatics. Bush having tried to persuade Chirac to enter the Iraq war on the basis of  'Gog and Magog' passage in the OT.
Chirac didn't know what he was talking about.
Hitler wanted the biggest tank battle in history, to his mind that would be the Armageddon from the OT. Nothing changes.

Must close this rant with Armageddon -  in Australian meaning:  Armageddon out of here.....

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate.

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by jd on 05.07.13 12:34

MPs use children to claim more expenses

Almost 150s MPs have been given permission to claim expenses on behalf of their children, the parliamentary regulator has disclosed as it prepares to offer politicians a £10,000 pay rise.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) has given the MPs special dispensation to claim higher expenses to rent bigger properties and to pay for their children’s travel.

The rules were relaxed in 2011 following lobbying from MPs who can now claim thousands of pounds extra for each child they register with the expenses regulator.

At least nine Government ministers have registered to benefit, Ipsa has disclosed. Some MPs have made more than £10,000 on the scheme. Such a perk would not be available in the private sector and will add to the debate over the pay and perks packages of MPs.

Laura Perrins, a barrister turned stay-at-home mother who confronted Nick Clegg live on the radio over the Coalition’s benefit change, said it was unfair that MPs were getting a pay rise.
“At a time when the finances for ordinary families are so tight, they need to think long and hard about whether what they are doing is fair,” she said. “Every other family is having to meet expenses out of their ordinary salary and MPs need to act responsibly when it comes to claiming these types of expenses.” Sir Ian Kennedy, the chief executive of Ipsa, will give a speech tomorrow in which he is expected to suggest that MPs are underpaid (don't forget all the companies they are signed to getting big pay cheques for their name). Although he will not set out specific proposals, it is understood that the regulator will recommend MPs are awarded a £10,000 pay rise after the next election. (for being an illuminati puppet)

Many MPs insist that the necessity to have two bases means that they must be compensated for the costs associated with their children.
However, critics say it is “unfair” for MPs to receive this money when they have removed support for other families earning similar amounts. Last year the Coalition stopped child benefit for families with a parent earning more than £60,000. An MP’s basic wage is £66,000.
Under freedom of information laws, Ipsa has disclosed that a total of 148 MPs, with 300 children between them, have formally registered their “dependants” so they can claim expenses associated with their accommodation and travel. Members of the Government including George Osborne, Danny Alexander and Maria Miller are all registered, as are senior Labour figures including Ed Miliband, Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper.

Since 2010, MPs have claimed almost £140,000 for their children’s travel.
Accommodation allowance rules were relaxed following claims from MPs that their family lives were being undermined by the expenses regime. Ipsa allows MPs to increase the maximum allowance they can claim by £2,425 for each child they say “routinely resides” with them.

Since 2010, MPs have claimed more than £160,000 above the cap for accommodation. Analysis of expense claims shows that more than 90 MPs have been allowed to claim more than the cap for second homes of up to about £20,000 annually. While most MPs are understood to have rented family-friendly properties, others appear to be renting flats.

Greg Barker, the energy minister, claimed £23,904 between 2011 and 2012, when the cap was £19,900. He rented a two-bedroom flat in central London before moving to another flat nearby.
Mr Barker divorced from his wife after coming out as a homosexual. His three children are understood to live with her in his Bexhill and Battle constituency, where he originally claimed expenses on a home with a rent of £697 a month.

The rule change on claims for children was introduced in April 2011. Two months later, Mr Barker “flipped” to start claiming on the London flat. His rental claims tripled to £2,150 a month. Mr Barker said: “All of the claims were pre-approved by Ipsa and fully comply with the Ipsa rules.”
Between 2011 and 2012, Nigel Adams, the Tory MP for Selby and Ainsty, claimed £26,144. Mr Adams has four children and claims 70 per cent of the extra allowance for each of them. He said: “My children routinely stay with me in London. All my claims are transparent, published and within the rules.”

Chris Ruane, the Labour MP for the Vale of Clwyd, claims £1,906 a month for his London flat. He has two children and his eldest daughter turned 18 in November. He also owns a flat about three minutes’ walk away. Mr Ruane said: “I have acted completely within the rules.”

The biggest travel claimant was Mary Creagh, the Labour MP for Wakefield, who has two children and claimed £4,061 in one year, mostly on rail tickets.
Matthew Sinclair, the chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance said: “Expenses are there to cover extra costs, not subsidise luxury apartments at taxpayers’ expense.”

Steal them, abuse them, torture them, now using them to make themselves even more richer!

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by mira2 on 24.07.13 22:13

JD and Tigger thank you for your responses
we are way off topic .....but this case had a stink of political corruption from the start.
With hindsight,  from day one the British contingent did everything in their power to ensure that
the Tapas Group received the Royal treatment. The Portuguese investigators did not stand
a chance in hell of solving this crime because there was something at stake that was way bigger
than the fate of a 4 year old child.
It has been my belief from late 2007 that this group of medics may well have been involved in
New Labours secret back door privitisation of the NHS. It took 2 whole years for this scandal to
be aired, and only now are we the masses suffering the effects of Blairs Brown and Mandy's
arrogant, deceitful, meglomaniac, attempt to placade the multi national corporations and boost
their own standing at the cost of destroying the fabric of our society. The PTA's that Blair secretly
negotiated with back in 2007, today are failures, we the taxpayer are bailing them out.

This is it for me:  A UK child goes missing whilst abroad on holiday with, not only its parents, but a host
of other adults who are proffesionals. It is the duty of the UK Government to assist the authorities
of that country in every way possible to FIND THE CHILD, UNHARMED IF POSSIBLE.
that entails providing  those authorities with every possible means, i.e. phone records, bank
records, etc etc of those persons who were responsible for the childs welfare when reporting missing.
After all it is standard practice in all supposedly Democratic countrys in the case of missing
children that until the parents and closest kin can be ruled out the investigation cannot move forward.
It is good basic common sence since young children expect and demand 24/7 care from those who
a responsibilty to ensure their wellbeing.

Is it a fact that the Portuguese authorities requesting phone and bank records from the UK foreign
Office and that until this day that request has been rejected?
If this is the case then David Cameron's review of this case at the British taxpayers expense is a red
line (I am doing an Obama here pandering to the phoneys Israeli state) it is a red line that has been
crossed and since Mr Cameron has announced that trhe British taxpayer is footing the bill, WE now
have the right to demand that Mr Cameron provides us the payee by default with some answers as
to why his review a our expense was to please persons of interest to the prosecution in the case, as
opposed to aiding Law Enforcement bring to justice those who have held back information that could
possibly locate Madeleine's remains.
The problem with politicians today is that they are mostly a bunch of nerds, they have no backbone,
no ethics, no nothing.........they are not worthy of their status. To hear these idiots make comments 
that they idiolise Thatcher, tells you all you need to know about them.
But then, it is no secret that leaders today all across the world are not individuals with a talent to lead,
they are weak individuals with no substance who have been chosen to lead by the cartel.
Washington DC 1884, ........City of London another state within a state...........Vatican, it is a small
world and the masses are now awaking and entering the age of Aquarius, it is the age of conscienceness
and the peoples eyes will be opened and they will make their voices heard. lol are right to feel outraged about MP's expenses.
This is a topic I have been ranting about for quite a while in day to day life.
As we know in the pretendy world we live in today there is always a story behind the story that is not told.
Well the MP expenses scandal is one of those stories.
MP's expenses was a New labour inititive if I remember correctly and a result of MP's needed a justified raise
in thier salaries..........New Labour felt that the taxpayer would not like devised a new intiate where
MP's could milk the system by claiming all kinds of ludicrous expenses and the taxpayer would not notice.
When the shit hit the fan.........guess what it is the MP's who played New Labours deceitful scam who get
punished.........whilst the perpetrators smell of roses.

Anyway I have a feeling that pretty soon something is going to happen regarding the McCann case that will
open a can of worms within our will not solve the case, because way to much time has
been afforded to Tapas Group for a conviction to stand, but it will embarrass this Government and show the
world and the British public that politics is a dirty business and a wake up call to the people all over that
Governemnts have way to much power, they act in their own interests not in the interest of their people or
the planet. 1 per cent of the population is controlling all of the power and the wealth and they are doing it by deceit
they are not acting in the best interests of mankind, everything they do is all about them, and they do not care
that their selfish actions will if not hindered result in a scorched earth.



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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by jd on 29.09.13 19:01

Eric Pickles showing the utter contempt and distain that most government ministers & politicians hold for the general public

Margaret Hodge MP nee Oppenheimer another one, describing the victims of the Islington child sex abuse as “mentally unstable and extremely disturbed”.  They really do not care whatsoever. Politicians are only interested in using & robbing the public for themselves and their masters so they get all the riches and land

Eric Pickles tells survivor of alleged child abuse: 'Adjust your medication'

Eric Pickles has been criticised for furthering mental health prejudices after he told a survivor of alleged child abuse to “adjust your medication” when she accused him of ignoring her.

The Communities and Local Government minister made the comment in a recorded confrontation with constituent Teresa Cooper earlier this month. Ms Cooper was one of at least six women who say they were drugged as teenagers at the Kendall House care home, Kent, in the late 1970s and early 1980s, whose children now have genetic defects

Confronting Mr Pickles, who is her constituency MP, she said: “Nothing has changed on the Kendall House abuse. Only you have ignored it. You have ignored it.” Pickles then interjected, shouting: “just, just, adjust your medication”.

The two met while at a wildlife event in Ongar, Essex, on 14 September and Ms Cooper recorded the conversation. Ms Cooper, 46, said: “I was shocked to be honest. He’s implying I’m mentally ill which is really rude of him because people do have mental health problems and they should not be spoken to that way.”

She added: “The Conservatives say ‘we need to change attitudes about mental health’ but clearly they need to start with Eric Pickles.”

Paul Farmer, chief executive of the mental health charity Mind, said: “It is disappointing that a minister would use language that can feed the prejudice around mental health. We would encourage everyone to really consider the impact of using mental health language in a way that could contribute to fuelling stigma.”

Mr Pickles’ adviser said that the comment  was said in “the heat of the moment” and was his way of giving a blunt piece of advice. Mr Pickles had corresponded with Ms Cooper about some of her concerns but she claims she has been trying to speak to him in person for 16 years. (Some caring local MP he is to his Constituency!)

Mr Pickles said: “It was never my intention to insult Teresa Cooper. I was giving her a frank piece of advice in private.” big grin 

Marjorie Wallace, chief executive of mental health charity Sane, said: “It’s a very thoughtless phrase which could be very hurtful. It may be exaggerated out of context, but whatever the provocation, it’s a ghastly phrase which should never be used.”

The recording is published as the Conservatives begin their party conference under the shadow of the arrest of their vice-chairman Alan Lewis. The 75-year-old was arrested on Friday on suspicion of raping a teenage girl in the 1960s.

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by Guest on 30.09.13 1:03

What a nasty piece of work sad  he needs to apologise for his conduct, and should also explain why he has done
nothing to help expose the abuse that went on at Kendall House. Why is he taking a salary for an MP when he cant be
bothered to help one of his constituents. shame on you

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by jd on 01.12.13 17:32

Pregnant woman has unborn baby girl forcibly removed by caesarean after social workers obtain court order because she had suffered a mental breakdown
Italian woman claims she was not warned she would be given a ceasarean
Essex council obtained order allowing them to sedate her against her will
The case has now escalated into an international legal row

Social services forcibly removed a pregnant woman's unborn baby by caesarean section and put it up for adoption after obtaining a high court order on the grounds the mother had suffered a mental breakdown.
Essex council obtained an order allowing them to sedate the woman against her will before taking her daughter and placing it into care.

The Italian woman, who was in Britain on a work training course, claims she had not even been warned that she would be given a caesarean. It is not believed a natural birth would have posed a risk to her or the child's health.
Social workers argue they were acting in the best interests of the baby, who is now 15 months old, and are refusing to hand her back to the mother despite claims that she has made a complete recovery, The Sunday Telegraph reports.
Brendan Fleming, the woman’s British lawyer, told the newspaper: 'I have never heard of anything like this in all my 40 years in the job.

'I can understand if someone is very ill that they may not be able to consent to a medical procedure, but a forced caesarean is unprecedented.

'If there were concerns about the care of this child by an Italian mother, then the better plan would have been for the authorities here to have notified social services in Italy and for the child to have been taken back there.'
The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, reportedly suffered a panic attack while staying at a hotel which her relatives believe was a result of her failing to take medication for a pre-existing bi-polar condition.

She called the police and was taken to a psychiatric hospital where she was sectioned under the mental health act.
The baby was born five weeks later after which the mother returned to Italy.

The case has since escalated into an international legal row with an Italian High Court judge questioning whether British care proceedings should have been applied to the child of an Italian citizen.
In February the mother requested the return of her daughter at a hearing at Chelmsford Crown Court.

Despite hearing that she had resumed taking her medication, the judge ruled the baby should be placed up for adoption because of the risk that the mother might suffer a relapse.

Child taken from womb by social services

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by Daisy on 01.12.13 17:40

I read this earlier JD. How barbaric! And they call this a civilised society. I fear for the future of our children & grandchildren.

“Before you criticize someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes.”   


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by jd on 01.12.13 18:18

@Daisy wrote:I read this earlier JD. How barbaric! And they call this a civilised society. I fear for the future of our children & grandchildren.
Me too. And it is happening before our very eyes. Most people are conditioned to focus their attention on their xboxes or trash TV, sports, to notice what is happening. It will be too late to do anything about it when the penny drops

MP John Hemming to raise Essex forced Caesarean claim

An MP is to raise the case of a woman who he says had her baby forcibly removed by Caesarean section, and taken by social services in Essex.

Liberal Democrat John Hemming said the Italian woman had had a panic attack linked to her bipolar disorder and was sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

She was sedated after authorities obtained a court order.

Essex County Council, which allegedly took the baby into care, said it could not comment on "ongoing" cases.

It is understood the woman was pregnant when she came to the UK to work for Stansted Airport in 2012.

Up for adoption
Mr Hemming, MP for Birmingham Yardley and chairman of the Justice for Families Campaign, said he planned to raise the case in Parliament.

He claims to have seen documents proving Essex social services obtained a court order for a Caesarean section, and for the child to be taken into care.

He said the girl, who is now 15 months old, was still in the care of Essex social services and was being put up for adoption.

Solicitor Brendan Fleming issued a statement in which he said he had been instructed by the woman's lawyers but would not discuss the case.

"We remain committed to fighting for our clients and shall fight tooth and nail to help mother be reunited with her baby," it said.

A council spokesperson said: "Essex County Council does not comment on the circumstances of ongoing individual cases involving vulnerable people and children."

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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Re: Child STEALING by UK Social Services

Post by lj on 02.12.13 4:04

If all of this is true, and we know how reliable the media are, it is a disgraceful scandal. While, as we have seen in Madeleine's case, the British press and some of their politicians and high government officials are always quick to characterize another country as 3rd world, this gives them away, not only as a 3rd world country, but 3rd world in the dark ages. Has anyone found that there are actions to support this woman? I am really shocked by this.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Stolen by falsified reports and statements and hear as say

Post by Anonymous666 on 03.09.16 10:13

Devon County Council social services took are beloved nephew away even though there was no reason to take him away they already had him on the forced adoption list months before without even notifieying us they asked him where he wanted to stay and he said i want to stay at nannas which they breached the childs human rights,we was continually abused and harassed and defamed for the past 6 months by devon county council social services and the final case was already sewn up a week before the final hearing numerous breaches of human rights not only for us but my nephew aswell,they treated us like criminals by spying on us,making false statements and putting obstacles in the way and humiliating us at every opportunity it felt like torture everyday while they were around,they was also racist against are Jewish origin,and refused to acknowledge it on his birth record and they never listened to what he wanted so they never took notice of the best interests of the child whatsoever when he said he wanted to stay at his nannas,and they never gave us any chance,or help us in anyway until the court case was on they continually lied to us in order to make there case stronger we had all got clean records and therefore law binding,he also had suspected autism they would not let us get him diagnosed.and ruined Christmas for us by saying they was taking him away,they used unscrupulous witnesses that one had a court order against her,the other was known to the police for making malicious phone calls and behaviour and the other one had a grudge because she was a ex and is vulnerable and also the statements was falsified with lies and deception and they was not completed so how come there surpose to be child protection but there not because there the abusers he was happy until they kidnapped him with lies plus he is now unhappy keeps asking for us he's under weight the social worker made up false evidence reports and witness that had a vendetta against him we are unhappy with ur family courts it states right to a fair trial that was not a fair trial whatsoever the result was done a week before behind closed doors plus there evidence against that people was utter shambles they had no prove to back that rubbish up whatsoever so how can u say a person is a perpetrator and that they have nothing to back it up they didnt like it because we was telling the truth and they breached the law on all counts breached childs rights,right to a private life with he did not get they breached his wishes they harrassed the family cafcass tried bullying the disable brother Telling him to move out when hes happy where he is theyve got no rights whatsoever and the social worker with another social bullied the disable brother as well trying to get the disable brother to bully the nephew until they was over heard by a brother its states on devon county's and cafcass website they follow protocol calls of human rights nothey don't follow the codes of practice they breach them all the time they don't no the human rights acts whatsoever.

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