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The BBC Crimewatch Roadshow Mm11

The BBC Crimewatch Roadshow Regist10

The BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

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The BBC Crimewatch Roadshow Empty The BBC Crimewatch Roadshow

Post by Guest on 19.06.13 9:44

Right now (9.30 on 19/6/2013)

A feature on CSI dogs.

Danny the sniffer dog has just found a single drop of blood in a puddle on a country lane. The police specialist told the presenter that these dogs can sniff out evidence such as bone matter, flesh, blood or hair follicles on a car even after it has been cleaned. Danny and his handler then searched a people carrier and found a millimeter square of flesh (admittedly it was pork not human and so incredibly unreliable)

I'm sure that this will be on iPlayer later today.

Most unhelpful, BBC. Most unhelpful laughat

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